The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in College


Having emotional intelligence (EQ) means having the ability to control, evaluate, express, and positively identify emotions. Students that have a higher EQ are empathic to the others around them and can deal with their emotions better. This helps them develop more effective communication skills and improve their self-motivation. Making them more confident learners. On the other hand, the students who have a hard time developing their EQ are usually less connected to the ones around them, including university or school, and that can negatively affect their education.

We went through some of the free essay samples on emotional intelligence that we found online. Based on them, we found out that a person with a higher EQ can communicate better with the people around them. Also, students write in essays on emotional intelligence that those people can solve conflict easily and are better at improving relationships. That’s the main reason why they feel less anxiety and stress. Having a high Emotional intelligence for students is very important.

Adolescents usually have a hard time controlling their emotions, so taking the time to build up their EQ from that age can make things a lot easier, not just for the moment but also for their adulthood years. The following are some ways you can increase yours:

Self-awareness – being able to recognize your own emotions and their affection for your behavior. Also, knowing your weaknesses and strengths and being confident.

Self-management -having the ability to control your impulsive feelings. Healthily managing your emotions, complete your commitments, and easily adapt to changes. 

Relationship management: Being able to develop and maintain relationships, have clear communication, have an influence and inspire others, and being able to work in a team.

Social awareness – Having empathy. Understanding the needs, concerns, and emotions of others. And having the ability to recognize the dynamics of power in a group. 

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Intellectual ability (IQ) is not enough alone to achieve success. It may be helpful to get in college, but your emotional intelligence is the thing that will help you manage all the stress caused by final exams or pressures from teachers. Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual ability are most effective when they improve one another. Click here to learn more more about the difference between IQ and EQ.

Benefits of emotional Intelligence 

Physical and Mental health – if you can’t manage emotions, that means you are not managing stress either. And that can lead to problems with your health. Uncontrolled stress can suppress your immune system, raise your blood pressure, etc. Also, stress can make you vulnerable to depression and anxiety. EQ can help students reduce stress, be able to study even in difficult situations, and can be especially helpful during some important exams. Managing stress should be the first step you take to improve your EQ. 

Relationships: By understanding and controlling your emotions, you can easily express your feelings and understand others. This allows you to have better communication and make stronger relationships. Students with a high EQ have no problem exchanging their thoughts with others or getting and giving help with a project. 

School performance: Having high Emotional Intelligence can help you navigate school complexities, motivate others and be successful in your education. It also opens many career doors because many companies nowadays rate EQ as an important technical ability. 

High emotional intelligence will just make you a better person, and you can set an amazing example for other students. Some of the qualities of Emotional intelligent students are: They know people well, they are positive, they accept changes, set limits, avoid comparison, work towards improving their weaknesses, and they make everything interesting. 

Emotional intelligence is very important. The benefits and the value of developing a high emotional intelligence are Thesaurus. Working on your EQ means that you are working towards a more fulfilled and happy life.