The Impact of Likes on YouTube: Reasons to Grow Their Numbers


Likes is a very important instrument of influence and growth on social media, and on YouTube in particular. There would not be a tactic which would not mention how important it is to gain these. For these strategies, some bloggers would use even paid YouTube likes. There are many reasons why you should pay attention to this metric on YouTube, and in this article you will discover them, and learn a few effective tips for increasing their number. 

Attention Hook

YouTube is a social platform, thus the opinion of the community in general has a weight for an individual. When a video has many thumbs up, it is considered as a worthy content by many people, especially occasional visitors. In other words, likes on YouTube is a sort of a reputation marker, even though sometimes the original video can be described as useless. 

But even the  thumbs up that are purchased can still do the job – drive the attention of the viewers to your content. In most cases, the opinion of the community will be true, though. That is because purchased likes are used for another reason, then maintaining the level of reputation on the platform. 

Social Presence Marker

Another power of likes on YouTube is that they can prove your persona as someone savvy in the topic. People can perceive a big number of likes on your videos as a sign of your professional competence, and choose your content over the competitors. To make this thing work, you actually have to be fluent in a chosen niche. Otherwise your incompetence will be discovered soon and even the primary number of thumbs up will not help you to grow the audience the way you want it.

Ranking On The Platform

On YouTube thumbs up also are an important statistic for the ranking algorithms. The more likes your videos get, the better position you will embrace in the search results and YouTube trends. To reach the top place in the chosen industry is an ultimate goal of all YouTubers. So. Along with properly settled SEO optimization, you have to maintain the high level of affection for your content, thus remaining visible on the network and expanding your audience. But keeping your materials at the highest quality is a must, because when you will show the decrease of quality, you will inevitably experience the loss of interest and support for your content. 

Feature Of The Successful Campaign

Nowadays YouTube is a big marketplace, as well as any other social platform. On YouTube it means that businesses compete for their customers through creating highly engaging campaigns for attracting and retaining their target group. And likes on this network are a good indicator that expresses the level of interest to each marketing campaign that is launched by the brand. Through the level of affection, businesses can measure the potential of the product on the market. And with promotions that gain high ratings, they increase their sales and recognition within and outside of YouTube. 

Aid In Virality

One of the goals that are also craved by YouTube influencers is making the video go viral. And likes are a huge help in reaching it. More thumbs up are growing the potential of virality, as the video goes higher and higher in ratings of the platform. Of course, it is not the only component that the virality potential consists of, but one of the most important so far.

Competition Tool

Likes on YouTube, due to the previous reasons that are described here, is a perfect instrument for beating the competitors in your niche, even if you enter the well-populated industry like travels or cooking. For users, your appearance with a great number of likes under your videos means that a new persona has emerged and there is something interesting to check out. Usually, people are watching a bunch of bloggers who cover the same topics from different angles, so getting more thumbs up is your chance to reach success faster. 

A Few Tips On Getting More Likes For Your Videos

Use Calls To Action

Calls to action, or CTA’s, are basically a name for directly asking your audience to do something. By this practice you are reminding your viewers to hit like, subscribe, or share your video. Although this method seems a bit bald, it actually works. Make sure you mention the actions you need in the video – this way viewers won’t forget their intention to like your content.

Explain The Importance Of Likes

Once in a while, you should gently remind your viewers that likes on YouTube have many benefits, and their thumbs up will help you to develop the channel. Basically likes help to support your rating and expand the audience, so you will have motivation to produce more content of high quality. 

Create Content That Is Actually Good

Without that, all your efforts are useless, even if you invest in stats. Material is king of any social platform, so your primary concern is the worth of your videos. Are they entertaining, or educating? Do they reveal something interesting and original to your viewers? The competition is so high nowadays that users are very demanding. If your materials don’t bring anything unique, if the esthetic and details are not worked up to perfection, and if you just create informational junk – you won’t get many likes. 

Aim For More Views

Nothing in your promotion doesn’t work without being implemented in a complex. Hence, likes are deeply connected with the number of views, so you have to think about this matter too. On average, a YouTuber gets 4 likes for each 100 views. It means that to get a huge quantity of thumb ups, you have to take care of getting an enormous number of views. First thing to reach this goal is to work on your SEO:

  • Write compelling titles with keywords included
  • Add relevant tags for your video 
  • Create custom thumbnails to catch the attention of the audience at once
  • Include keywords into your video descriptions naturally 
  • Create a consistent visual identification markers (in other words, brand your content)

Research The Niche

In order to get the most of your potential, you need to explore the content that already exists in a certain niche. And after you understand what YouTube already has to offer, you can introduce something original enough to secure your fast and effective growth. Creating something outstanding is giving you a higher chance to beat the competition and gain more likes from the users who would be impressed by a fresh face and new ideas. Making content that no one else does can buy you reputation points easily, along with views, likes, and other important growth statistics. 

Bond With Your Audience 

Another good like grosser is creating the relationship with your subscribers. Being friendly and open-hearted is always a winning strategy, and it works on YouTube too. Users like to feel involved in the content, which is why you should keep the engagement rate up in order to get more likes from your loyal followers.

  • Host contests 
  • Play games
  • Ask questions 
  • Reply to as many comments as you can
  • Do not forget to answer to new comments under older videos
  • Listen to the ideas your followers express
  • Make friends with other bloggers, etc.

Experiment And Take Risks

It is impossible to ride the same original idea all the time you are present on YouTube. To push your limits and grow your blog, you have to introduce new types of content from time to time. Even the best content can become boring without changes and motion, so you should mix up the traditional materials with new ideas once in a while. And likes, along with comments and general stats analysis, will help you to understand if your experiment is successful.