The Family Edition Scratch-Off Adventures Review


Do you spend enough quality time with your family? If not, it’s high time to reconnect with your loved ones and make memories while having a whale of a time.

The Adventure Challenge Family Edition is more than just a book. It’s a source of unique adventures, encouraging families to break free of electronics, get out of their comfort zones, and learn to be spontaneous. 

The concept is straightforward, while the challenges are adaptable to everyone’s surroundings. 

We hope the review below provides you with all the necessary information.

What is this book about? 

The family edition of this scratch-off book is a unique journey of fifty missions for family members to take whenever they wish to have some fun together and create meaningful memories. The adventures parents and children are about to explore can be accomplished indoors, outdoors, on rainy days, or in the yard. Click here to discover twenty fun family activities to do at home.

It’s an excellent way to make your weekends and weekdays fun by involving the members of your family. There are a couple of steps to follow when using the book, such as choosing an adventure and scratching it off. You’ll find some little icons next to the adventure, letting you know some basic stuff about it. These icons inform you whether you’ll have to head outside or stay indoors, whether the challenge it’s messy, etc. 

After you scratch the adventure off, you need to prepare all the materials for it, including a camera to document your experience. In terms of duration, some missions take no longer than an hour, whereas others require participants to spare half a day. Regarding adaptability, the missions can be easily adapted to fit everyone’s preferences. Participants should remember to take photographs while doing the activity and then choose the best one to stick inside the book. 

The rules of this book are straightforward and easy to follow. Families are supposed to disconnect to reconnect, as the purpose of the book is to detach from everyday life and reconnect with your loved ones. There are no takebacks, as once you scratch the adventure off, you must do it. Participants are encouraged to do the challenges even if they don’t feel like it, as they might learn something new about themselves and the others. 

There are three important symbols to pay attention to in every challenge, which stand above the field you are about to scratch off. The $ icon shows the estimated cost of the adventure; the clock icon shows the best time of day or night to do it, whereas the hourglass icon stands for the duration of the activity. The majority of scratch-off adventures are designed to be budget-friendly. Most families appreciate the fact that there aren’t any surprises related to the cost. Regarding the duration, most activities range from at least fifteen minutes to about 2-3 hours. 

The adventures

The missions are given different titles to help participants guess what the mission is about. Some of the most creative titles include The Artistry of War, Balancing Noodler, Tasteful Art, Five Colored Rings, The Incredibles, The Claw, Hungry, Hungry Humans, The Cat Burglar, etc. For instance, The Balancing Noodler can be done anytime, and it takes about an hour to complete. 

Participants are required to boil spaghetti noodles, lots of them. It’s important for the noodles to be soft and cool before commencing the game. Family members should divide into pairs to have a balancer and a tosser. The role of the tosser is to throw noodles at the balancer at a five-foot distance. The purpose of the activity is to count the number of noodles that stuck to the body of the balancer after each round of one minute. 

The Watch Me Whip challenge prompts families to have a lip sync battle, divided into two teams, parents and kids. Each team picks a song for the other team to perform in a lip-sync style even if the members have no clue of the words. Another mission families enjoy completing is putting together a talent show for each member to demonstrate his/her talent while the others acquire the role of judges. There is solely one rule for participants to follow, which is no negative comments. 

The Cat Burglar adventure seems to be among the favorites, as it doesn’t involve a bunch of materials, just yarn, and a water spray bottle. The ball of yarn should be used to create a route of obstacles in the living room. Participants are supposed to use their agility and maneuvering skills not to touch the line of yarn. If they do, they get sprayed with water. Although this adventure is listed as an indoor activity, you can take it outside, in your backyard, especially on a hot summer day. 

Another mission allowing family members to reconnect involves having a family picnic. All members are expected to make their contribution to the meal by cooking something and putting it inside the basket. The choice of picnic stop is left to you but make sure it has an amazing view. While having a meal, every member should pick a celebrity to have a picnic with and say why. Go to this site,, for some simple picnic ideas for families. 

Final word

This book is a must for every family looking for quality time and entertainment!