The Biggest Winnings in Online or Offline Poker within the World


Winnings are always large and phenomenal when it comes to the world of poker competitions. The latest entry in the largest prize winner was from Toronto, Canada, where the player took part in the online tournament of World Series of Poker through GGPoker and gained prize money of staggering amount – $27,559,500 in August 2020. Indeed, it then made its way into the Guinness World Records as well for the year 2020.

Those who are new to casino games need not feel daunted by poker experts. There is money to be made in slot games as well. Indeed, many reputed casino sites have given away life-changing jackpot sums to many lucky slot players. If you wish to get started, you can register with one of the mobile casino Canada sites. 

WSOP Takes Centre Stage Offline

When it comes to large poker tournaments, offline or online, WSOP takes centre stage. That is also because of the largeness of the event and the prize money pool that it gathers every year. It has held its place as being the largest over the past decade, especially the main event in the tournament. The prize pool has increased in this tournament over the years, since its start in the year 1970. The first tournament that reached the one million figure was in 1983. By the time the event reached 2004, prize pool money had gone beyond $10,000,000.

Poker Tournaments Go Online

WSOP has inspired the dreams of many who have hoped to win the prize of a million dollars by playing in poker game tournaments. However, statistics show that people have won larger sums of money, even from poker tournaments. Hence, you could dream big, as big as $5million or even $8 million from a single poker game. Simple truth states that such possibilities are not without evidence since they have already occurred.

The highest paying has been the main event in the World Series of Poker or WSOP. Its main event is valued at $10,000 and has helped rake in the largest prize pools in history. However, online tournaments pay staggering amounts as well. Today there are many casino sites that hold tournaments regularly. Hence, players can enrol in such competitions and win large sums of money, going into millions even. Indeed, the biggest win in a web-based event is the Online Poker World Championship or WCOOP in 2010. This particular tournament was held by PokerStars, where the buy-in was $5200. A total of 2443 players were in it, and it gathered a prize pool totalling $12.22 million. In this competition Tyson, aka POTTERPOKER took the first prize, that of $2.3 million. 

Large Wins at WSOPs

It is known that 12 out of 15 biggest wins in the world of poker have been at the main event of World Series Poker. Among them, the five biggest wins were as follows:

  • The Main Event of WSOP 2014. The finals saw 9 players fight it out for the main prize. Martin Jacobson obtained the first prize, which comprised $10 million.
  • Main Event WSOP 2006. It was reputed to be one of the largest tournaments in the history of poker competitions. That is mainly because it saw over eight thousand entrants and prize pool money gone up to $82,512,162. The final winner obtained $2 million in prize money. 
  • 2014 Big One for One Drop. This was formed for the non-profit organisation called One Drop Foundation, and it has had larger amounts in wins, even more than the main event of WSOPs. In 2014 Dan Colman won the first prize of $15.3 million here.
  • 2018 Big One for One Drop. This event provided first place in the money of $10 million and sent all-time live winnings of Bonomo to $43 million.
  • 2012 Big One for One Drop. This event saw prize pool money reach $42 million and more, with the biggest win being $18.35 in prize money.

Best Online Poker Players

Today the focus remains at online tournaments most of the year since that is where the action takes place. Online poker players who rank high in the world are usually equipped with a lack of fear in placing the highest stakes on the game. They also have unbelievable stamina and are able to multi-task and play many tables in one go. Try out some low stakes poker here.

The top three in this rank list are:

  • Viktor Blom. Known through his online identity, “Isildur1” is known to be the poker superstar of Swedish origin. He has played the biggest stakes since the new millennium. He had started to play from the age of 15, and by 29, he had a bankroll of $275,000 and more. He even won $1.7 million through online poker games in a time span of two weeks.
  • Tom Dwan. He comes next in line and is popularly known as “Durrrr”. At the age of 34, Dwan has won $3.4 million from various live as well as online tournaments.
  • Dan Cates. Also known as “Jungleman12”, is a 30-year-old poker player from Maryland who has won $11 million through online wins alone.