The Best Promotional Products for Back-To-School


Summer is winding down, and school is now in full swing. For many students, this can be a bummer, but getting new supplies for school can help to boost their mood a bit. This can also be a good opportunity to offer promotional products that students can use.

As students and parents are projected to spend less on school supplies in 2021 compared to 2020 and 2019, offering back-to-school items means you offer them products they may not be willing to purchase while they give your brand a shoutout. There are many fun back-to-school promotional products to help students and parents get back in the swing of things.

Pens and Pencils

When it comes to pens and pencils, you really can never have too many. These are the items that tend to get shared and passed around a lot, increasing the visibility of your logo. Be sure to test the pen or pencil out first, as ones that don’t perform well likely get tossed out. Keep your brand logo simple and appropriately placed, preferably on the tail end of the pen or pencil.   

Pencil Pouch

Students have to have something to carry all those pens and pencils in and anything else that could easily get lost like chapstick or gum. For this, consider designing a pencil pouch or a small multi-purpose organizer. You can also offer multiple pouch sizes or a pouch with compartments to make it even more functional for students.

This product will get used and seen often but isn’t considered a part of a student’s look like a backpack or piece of clothing. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your logo branding and graphics on the pouch. You can also offer a variety of colors to match different styles.


Backpacks are something students will likely wear every day at school. With this, you want your logo to be visible, but you also don’t want it to be too invasive, or the student won’t wear it. Go for neutral colors and subtle branding. Choose a backpack print design that will work for your brand and those who will use the bag.

A bag’s functionality and durability will also make an impact. The more compartments and pockets and the more comfortable the straps, the better as some students may be carrying laptops, tablets, and clothes for sports practice after school. This could become a staple in their school routine.

Water Bottles

Students are in school all day and will often pull out a water bottle to stay hydrated. Some students will also bring hot beverages to school in the winter, so offering a temperature controlling bottle or tumblers is a good idea.

Since kids will use these items, machine washable is preferred. This is also great for athletes who often have practice before or after school. In addition, reusable water bottles or tumblers can convey a message to users that you encourage environmental friendliness. 

Laptop and Tablet Cases

Many schools provide students with laptops or tablets to work from home. It may be a good idea to look into the type of laptops or tablets offered in school districts your clients may be attending to ensure you have a size that will fit the tech items. Choose a device case that is protective and durable. You can also play with some fun colors and print inspirational texts or quotes in them, which touch on subjects like studying and learning.


Planners are always a useful tool for students, especially those in middle school to college-age, trying to figure out their schedules. Consider offering a plain-colored planner and adding stickers so students can have fun decorating or marking certain dates. You can place your brand on the planner jacket or on the stickers too. 

Notepads are also always useful for students to make reminders and small notes. There are many styles to choose from and sizes. Sticky notes or tabs for textbooks and reminders are also a good idea as a way to ensure your logo sticks around. 

Face Masks

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still happening, and students will still be in need of masks. A good idea for students is cloth masks that are comfortable and machine washable. Consider putting a fun graphic or interesting saying on the mask, but make sure that your design will not be intrusive, especially for school.

School is Cool, So is Your Brand 

As students are preparing to go back to school, use this opportunity to help them while you boost your brand promotion. Offer useful promotional products that can stir students’ creativity and make their school life better all school year long. Switch it up each year so your products always stand out and properly showcase your brand’s image.