The Best Places to Board Your Dog in Charlotte


Making the decision to board your pet needs to be an informed choice. After all, not all boarding facilities are created equally. Knowing where your dog is going to eat, sleep, play, and run is essential, especially if it’s the first time away from your pet. Dog boarding can bring peace of mind to any pet owner, especially if you’re worried about anxiety or loneliness. Try to choose a center that allows socialization and playtime; it’s a great outlet for excess energy and can help minimize isolation. To help you choose a reputable and quality boarding facility, here are just a few options available in Charlotte.

The Barker Lounge

When looking for a place that knows how to care for dogs, look no further than this facility. All boarding guests will participate in the daycare activities, including obstacles to interact with, water play, and other similar pups to romp with throughout their day. Their goal is to ensure plenty of physical activity is achieved throughout the day, so they’ll be ready for bed at night. That’s why the only time your dog will spend in his kennel is during meals and bedtime. All pups are treated to a newly made bed, treats, and softened music throughout the room.

Puptown Charlotte

If you’ve got a high-energy dog that loves to play, this center is perfect for your stay. With climate-controlled indoor play, ramps and play structures, and an outdoor splash park built for your fur baby, it’s the ideal outlet for even the busiest pet. All overnight visitors receive an entire day of play, socializing with other similar size dogs. You’ll have the opportunity to choose between a crate or cabin for your pup, complete with a comfortable cot, throw, or pillow. If you’re hoping to spoil your pup further, consider purchasing a yogurt stuffed kong or bath for your dog before pickup.

NoDa Bark and Board

With over 30,000 square feet of play space, your pup will enjoy both indoor and outdoor play sessions while staying at the facility. All overnight dogs will receive a comfortable cot to sleep in within the climate-controlled room. Your fur baby will receive an evening relief and a tuck-in service each evening. All dogs staying on the premises will receive complete access to the doggie daycare program, including obstacles, socialization, and plenty of attention by staff. All staff members are certified in dog behavior, first aid, and CPR training.

Pet Paradise

When it comes to pet hotels, this location believes that the only thing better than family is a group of friends and doting humans. That’s why you’ll find nothing but love and attention at this facility. With comfortable, private rooms, your dog will relax and unwind after a busy day playing outside. They’ve got splash pools, play areas, and even a jungle gym to occupy your pup while he’s away. On top of that, you’ll never be wondering how your puppy is handling the resort, with webcam access available for all registered guests.

Things to Consider Before Boarding Your Dog

Many hotels fill quickly, so getting your reservation set up early is crucial to ensuring your dog has a place. Once you’ve found a location you’re interested in booking for your pet, contact them about availability. This limited availability is especially true during a peak season like holidays or summer months. It’s always a smart idea to take a tour of the facility before making a reservation. Ask to see the play areas, sleeping quarters, kitchen, and any other amenities they offer. Watch how the staff interact with the dogs currently staying at the facility, especially in the play areas. 

Also, look for anxiety, stress, or discontent in the dogs while walking through the center. Some dogs may exhibit stress or anxiety being away from their family, but most should adapt to the new environment after a few days. If anything feels off during your tour, trust your gut instinct and find a new facility. If you’re not sure where to board your dog, consider asking close friends or family members. Likewise, you can always ask your dog’s vet for a referral. The veterinarian may have knowledge or insight to share with you about specific centers or hotels in the industry.