The Best Large Car for Extra-Large Families


It’s hard to do without a car these days. It is a vehicle that allows you to move quickly both within the city and outside of it – to go about business and shopping. If there are children in the family, it is almost impossible to be without a car.

According to statistics, a third of people have trouble answering the question of which car to buy for the family. Here it is necessary to keep a balance of the budget that you count on, the convenience of the interior, the sufficient number of seats, and the size of the luggage compartment. The main thing is to determine for yourself the key points in buying a car with no credit.

How to intelligently choose a car for a large family?

In principle, the main points do not differ too much from the process of acquiring an ordinary car, but the priorities, in this case, will be quite different. In particular, the appearance and engine power here go into the background, and other moments come to the fore. One of the key qualities of such a vehicle is its capacity. It is desirable that the third row of seats is full and as comfortable as possible even for long journeys.

A family car must be absolutely safe. In this regard, you should pay a lot of attention to the rigidity of the body, the presence of airbags, the strength of the windows, and the number of safety belts.


This is a station wagon with high cross-country ability, as the company’s engineers, who develop this car, claim. The car looks not just stylish, but very presentable. There are special panels on the fenders and sills, which reliably protect the body elements from possible damage. The lower part of the front and rear bumper is equipped with underride protection, which allows driving comfortably on unpaved roads without worrying about the appearance of the car.

Like most cars of this brand, this model is characterized by very high reliability. The volume of the luggage compartment is 495 liters. The interior is spacious – it comfortably accommodates up to five people together with the driver. A child seat can be securely fixed even on the front seat, the rear seat can accommodate up to three restraints.


The developers of this vehicle tried to give consumers the maximum possible at a minimal cost. The model looks laconic, you can clearly see the classic proportions, which this manufacturer is famous for. In the front, there is additional crankcase protection, which allows it to significantly extend the life of the car. The windshield is covered with athermal substance, so in the summer months, the interior will be less heated when the sun rays hit there.

Seating is rather sporty, with lumbar and side support – you can spend more than an hour in them without feeling the slightest fatigue. The classic dashboard has been replaced by an electronic board. The media system is equipped with touch buttons. The interior is spacious, its ergonomics are carefully thought out. Inside there are seven comfortable seats along with the driver’s one. Access to the third row from the second row is very easy. The infotainment system can be controlled directly from your smartphone through a special app, which will make traveling for children quick, and not too tedious.


This car looks quite stylish and is characterized by remarkable comfort. The internal volume of the cabin is very decent. The ergonomics of the dashboard are so carefully thought out that practically you do not have to take your eyes off the road to see the information on it. The volume of a trunk here is simply amazing – it makes 528 liters. Despite the significant capacity of the cabin, the external dimensions of the car almost did not go beyond the classic sedan, so no additional skills when driving in an active urban stream of the driver is not required. It can easily accommodate a family of five.

For small children who must ride in their own seats, there are special retainers for such devices, capable of keeping them securely in their seats. The cabin is equipped with a separate climate control system, it is also equipped with an additional electric heater. If you decide to buy a car for yourself, made in a premium configuration, then here is where to play the imagination.


So that the car does not fail on a long family trip, choose a brand with a history of quality models. It sounds like universal advice about nothing, but it makes a lot more sense than the recommendations about specific brands. Explore forums with reviews of real owners: choose a few models that fit your requirements, and read about them in real-life conditions.