The Best Casinos in Charlotte, NC & Near


If you are looking for entertainment in Charlotte, North Carolina, and nearby this article is for you. Regardless of your status: resident of these lands or tourist. Pay attention to the casinos here. People say all of them are lucky (in all senses of these words). Surely, they are not lying. Someone finds happiness in playing and unexpected earnings, someone – in sightseeing. You can enjoy your favorite game here, earn money, eat tasty food, spend an unforgettable night, and learn about United States culture most interestingly. Escape from boring reality and live for pleasure. 

If you have never been to a casino, you can learn something new. There are a lot of cases when an ordinary tourist returned in the status of a millionaire or a resident who has never been there before won real money.  So, to avoid these things you can also play on one of the best live casino platform. It’s the right choice to test your luck in the top locations. Pay attention to our list of the best casinos at And count how many ways to spend leisure time you find here.

1. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort

It is one of the closest to Charlotte. It opened in 1997 and is one of the oldest places where people could gamble. The history has started from this spot (it was the first casino opened). It has grown into a so-called “gaming corporation” for twenty-five years of existence. It became the center of casino culture. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is located near the marvelous spot – near the entrance to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So you can be inspired not only by the game process. The area is big, so everyone can enjoy playing even on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It is like a city to relax. 

There are 3100 devices and 150 tables, so you will never wait for a seat. It never looks overcrowded. Choose the game you like and enjoy. You can taste any kitchen you want: from American to Indian and Asian. There are plenty of cafes and bars. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort has a hotel nearby and there is a number for every casino guest. Enjoy not only playing but also spa or sports (billiards for example). Moreover famous musicians (any western or eastern band, rapper or pop singer), comedians and standupers arrive there too. Just book the right date. You can combine several entertainments in a couple of days. You can fulfill all your dreams here and even for free (if you are a talented gamer, lucky, or risky enough). Choose everything you like and caring stuff will organize it. It’s a paradise, isn’t it?

2. Catawba Two Kings Casino

This casino offers modern gaming equipment. It was opened recently and is developing now. The staff tries to realize the wishes of all clients: experienced players and beginners. It became a reputable one with a good attitude to clients. The best players will get recognition. An alternative for those who like this one but cannot visit – $1 deposit lucky nugget where you can try any game you want. Though, do not miss a chance to visit Catawba Two Kings Casino too, as it has many promos and special offers. And the host organizes events that you’ll remember for your whole life. 

For example, Dream Car Giveaway and Mad Money Monday. Participation in tournaments is among the top interests of tourists and inhabitants of NC. It is a chance to become a superstar in gambling. You can have dinner or supper here too – this one is famous for the American kitchen. Some of the local hotels offer discounts for players. If you want to enjoy the game reality and the spirit of America – welcome to Kings mountain casino!Catawba Two Kings Casino is an initiative of Native American tribes. 

3. Murphy Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel

The territory of Murphy Harrah’s Casino & Hotel complex is quite large. Here you can enjoy both tables and video games. It is famous for video poker machines too. Drink a cup of Starbucks coffee to be more concentrated and not to fall asleep while gambling. And use your chance for happy slots. Caesars Sportsbook is a peculiarity of it 2: here you can enjoy your favorite sport, buy a bet and earn money if you guess who is the winner. If you are hungry, American and Chinese kitchens are available in local restaurants. 

There is also a 300-room hotel: choose a number on a website according to your preferences and book it beforehand. Enjoy not only games but also golf. Test everything and find your favorite activity. You’ll never be disappointed with Murphy Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel: this place is full of entertainment, risk, and positive emotions.

4. The Big “M” Casino Resort

This casino is located 183 miles away from Charlotte. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the cruise trip and gamble at the same time. 2 luxury ships are available so book one of them beforehand. There is modern equipment and tasty food. Promotions and special opportunities are also possible. Even to win the cruise. The atmosphere reminds me of Vegas. The particularity of this casino is South Carolina’s favorite game – “Pot O’ Gold”. Enjoy any entertainment you want, but smoking is available only on the outside decks.

5. The Greenbrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs

If you have some extra hours for a ride this variant will be good for you. Enjoy the wonderful green location and the games you chose. There are 320 slot machines and 40 tables. Enjoy Blackjack, Baccarat, or anything you want. Moreover, you can dance, have supper or have some drinks. Even shopping at men’s or women’s fashion stores is available. Claim a Bovada bonus code here. 

The bottom line

Have you imagined everything written in the article about North Carolina casinos? It’s much better to experience it yourself. Gaming is a pleasure here. You can get a new hobby or even become a professional in this sphere. Stay a part of history or have the status of legend. Everything begins from lanes with gaming tables. Carolina(as a center of casinos) is an extremely hospitable place and you’ll never regret visiting it. It will give you plenty of impressions and all the possible services you can imagine. And you’ll maybe spend nothing because of your gambling skills or great luck. And even be in plus thanks to a casino resort. Charlotte and nearby regions are suitable for everyone: professionals in roulette, poker, etc., beginners, sportsmen. 

For people that have seen everything or those who have seen nothing in their life. Every casino takes care of clients: they are satisfied with the process of the game, eat the tastiest dishes and sleep in the best numbers. Even if they will lose there is something that will make them positive: beautiful locations of the United States, spa, and sports. It’s the best vacation you can ever imagine, isn’t it?