The Average North Carolinian’s Peak Fitness Age is 30, Finds Study


The question of “How old are you?” is one that we encounter frequently in various contexts such as job applications, dating websites, or simply when meeting new people. While younger individuals may have no qualms about answering this question, those of us who are over 40 may sometimes feel hesitant. This is because aging is commonly associated with being passed your physical prime.

However, exercise scientists are increasingly of the opinion that one’s birthdate is not necessarily indicative of their body’s true age. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help people attain peak fitness later in life and remain ‘younger’ for a longer time. In fact, these experts argue that an individual’s body age may be higher or lower than what we would expect based on their chronological age.

The Fitness Tribe, an online community of wellness enthusiasts, sought to determine how our fitness ages differ across the country. They commissioned a survey of 3,000 adults, carried out by QuestionPro, to find out at what they consider to be their peak fitness age, with some interesting results…

While opinions vary, it is commonly accepted that the peak fitness ages for men and women falls between the ages of 20 and 35. Interestingly, it was found that the average fitness peak in North Carolina is 30 years old (compared to a national average of 34), considered relatively advanced when it comes to peak athletic performance.

The research found that North Dakotans reach their peak fitness levels latest in life, at the ripe age of 43. Comparatively, those in Wyoming say they hit their biological peak at the tender age of 28.