The 7 Best Christmas Movies of All Time


Christmas is a festival that involves a lot of good food, fun and gala family time and some presents from family and friends. However, amidst all this, how can you even forget the tradition of vegging out in front of a TV screen with your favourite Christmas movie on? In my opinion, you simply cannot find a more effective way to utilize your holidays than by just binge-watching some great festive flicks. So, to help you utilize your vacations well, we have come up with a list of some of the best Christmas movies of all times. Let’s take a look! 

It’s a Wonderful Life

Though released long back in 1946, It’s a Wonderful life is one film that had to make it to the top spot. This fantasy drama is in every sense the father of all festive movies and undoubtedly the bonafide classic from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The film showcases the George Bailey (James Stewart), the most decent person of America wanting to commit suicide on the eve of the Christmas day. He is, however, saved by an angel Clarence Odbody who shows him how the life of the people around him would have been if he hadn’t been born. Austin who offers assignment help Australia says that it is your ultimate feel-good movie revolving around redemption and family value. If you wish to do yourself a favour, you have to watch it right away.  

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Released in 1965, this is the first television special based on the life of the legendary cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. This iconic comic strip is easily one of the most epic Christmas movies ever made. In the movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas, the protagonist is dealing with the holiday blues when he questions the true meaning of Christmas, which is also the favourite day of the year for many. With some assistance from the Peanuts gang, Charlie wishes to direct a Nativity play of his own. James who offers statistics homework help online says that ever since the original broadcast in the year 1965, it has been shown on a loop every year by ABC. It is by far the longest-running animated special in history and you wouldn’t want to miss it, right? 

A Christmas Story

Zain who did an excellent DigitalOcean review online says that if you are a fan of corny movies, this 1983 release is a must-watch for you. A Christmas Story depicts the spirits of a child and his fantasies during the holidays. Kid me not, this depiction is the best you will ever see on the screen. The film is set in the 1950s and is a childhood fantasy film which will give you a fuzzy and warm feeling. So, as old as you may be, you shouldn’t miss out on this Christmas flick.  

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a 1964 television special. It is certainly as iconic as the poem and the song that it is based on. This has been the biggest stop-motion classic for the longest time. In the special, you’ll see the protagonist struggling to get acceptance amidst the Santa’s little helpers in the Christmas town. So, with some assistance from Hermey, an elf along with a prospector named Yukon, Rudolph fights the Abominable Snow Monster and protects Christmas. The message that you get with this series is as important today as it was back in 1964 when it was released i.e. You have to always be yourself and you’ll eventually find people who are like you. So, never give up on your uniqueness and let the world catch up with it.   

A Christmas Carol 

Sam who recently had to buy college essays online says that his favourite all-time Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol. Released under the title Scrooge in 1951 in the United Kingdom, the movie is an adaptation of the classic Dickens novella. It is possibly the most cherished Christmas movies ever made. Alastair Sim, the protagonist portrayed his role with such ease and finesse that you cannot move your eyes from him. The movie depicts the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by the spirits of the Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come wherein he is given just one chance to redeem himself. Since you need to celebrate, chill and unwind this festive season, I recommend this classic flick to you. 

Die Hard

The 1988 classic, Die Hard has made it to our ‘top 7 list’ of the best Christmas movies and if you think otherwise, you need to stop right there and rewind. Angelina who works with PaperDoers and offers online paper writing service says that Die Hard is a movie about the office Christmas party getting hijacked by some rowdy Euro-trash terrorists. You’ll see the machine gun clatter from the rooftop and down comes the hero Bruce Willis who is out there to dispense carnage and splatter. Wills makes a nice or naughty list where he checks off each one and then goes on to hand over the Christmas presents to destroy the fun of the terrorists. This perfectly crafted action-thriller is deservingly on this list and must be added to your ‘watch list’ right away.     

Christmas in Connecticut

Brad who offers data science certification online says that the 1945 Christmas classic, ‘Christmas in Connecticut,’ is all about the utterly charming Barbara Stanwyck. The movie revolves around Stanwyck’s sheer lack of housekeeping and the hosting skills which are at risk of being divulged when her publisher invites himself to her made-up holiday festivities. There is a lot of humour and comedy that follows after when Stanwyck tries to improvise as a housewife with the additional chaos of a plausible Christmas romance shown in the form of a visiting vet (Dennis Morgan).

So, these according to us are the top 7 best Christmas movies of all times. Of course, there are others like 1990 released Home Alone, 1993 released The Nightmare Before Christmas and 2003 released Elf, but since they are more latest ones, we are hoping that you are already aware of them. None the less, go ahead and catch up on all these 10 Christmas movies and you can be assured of making your holidays more exciting. 

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