The 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations for North Carolina Students


The studentship is a perfect time for exploring the beauty of the world and cultures. Sometimes it might even replace a significant part of traditional education. Experienced travelers are successful, intelligent, stress-resistant, and have a vast network of friends over the world. Moreover, student cards dive plenty of discounts.

Before booking your first flight, keep in mind some tips:

  1. Remember, there are four International and a few regional airports North Carolina. You would want to check all of them to find the cheapest option.
  2. The cheapest flights are usually from October till March. The non-season period has plenty of advantages starting with popular touristic destinations free of crowds and lower prices for both entry tickets and hostels. 
  3. Use third party flight search websites, but always book directly on the airline’s website. The price will be the same, but you will have additional bonuses and miles for the next flight. 
  4. Make sure to use cashback services.

1. Miami

Miami is a perfect option for unforgettable weekend trips. Not only it is attractive with its beaches and free-spirit atmosphere, but it also has a convenient connection with Freeport, Key West, and even the Bahamas. Here you can recharge your mind, enjoy the weather, which is much more welcoming than in summer, and meet inspiring people. You can always find a few events there. For those who appreciate nature, there is an Everglades National Park. Photographers will enjoy the views.

2. New York

Big Apple gives plenty of opportunities for North Carolina students. It is a world of endless events, inspiring people, jazz gigs, modern art exhibitions, and who knows what else. There are two options:

  • get your ticket and see what happens when you come;
  • plan your trip and schedule every hour of your weekend.

These two options reflect two different types of people, those who enjoy unexpected adventures, and those who prefer keeping everything under control. Define your personality and choose the opposite option.

3. Las Vegas

The world’s biggest gambling paradise is one of the most attractive travel destinations. People are going crazy here. Before visiting the place, it is recommended to watch the movie 21 by Robert Luketic. Here you might find a few ideas on how to gamble wisely. If you are not a player, you can enjoy the beauty of decorations and the spirit of the place, or use Limo Find to see some truly breathtaking natural beauty.


4. San Francisco

Traveling to an inspiring place can have more educative aims than school tasks. Use my custom writing and plan your trip. Silicon Valley is the must-visit place for all computer science students. If you are lucky to find a friend ho works there, you could visit a few campuses and get inspired. People are welcoming and open-minded here. Visiting silicon valley is a great chance to find out how do you feel about living and boosting your career there. The earlier you decide, the better. 

5. Germany and Mallorca

Trips to Europe may cost you much more than regional flights. However, if you want to change your surroundings completely, you should plan your trip there. For example, flight to Germany costs around $500 depending on the city and the season. There you can either rent a car or buy another flight to wherever you want. For example, there are always cheap flights to Mallorca, the place with marvelous views and beach lines with unforgettable watercolor. 

6. Italy

Check Roma, Venice, Pisa, and Florence for historical trips. Here you’ll find pieces of evidence of the most ancient cultures in the world and will enjoy the beauty of medieval architecture. The most visited places are:

7. Grece

The ticket to Athens costs around $600, however, you can travel between the islands and enjoy the beauty of transparent water together with historical places. You’ll find plenty of welcoming people here as well as 

8. European mountains 

Visit Austria, Switzerland, or the Dolomites for mountain views, small and crystal clean villages, skiing, and unusual nature. Here you’ll find inspiration for mountain climbing, meditation, tasty food, and meeting idiosyncratic people.

9. Bali

Bali is the place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, surfers, yoga lovers, and free spirit admirers. The place is perfect for spending at least one month there. It is cheap and juicy in all senses. People from all over the world come here to experience the paradise of the world.

10. Beijing

Trip to Beijing will have plenty of surprises and unexpected astonishments. The culture is fantastic and scarring at the same time. It is worth seeing how 21 million people are living together without violating each other and having the most exciting culture, worldview, and beliefs.

Bottom line

The studentship is the best period for traveling. You will not only enjoy the beauty and diversity of the planet earth but also discover yourself better. The trip is a great chance to find out what do you like and what you don’t like. There is a great chance to find inspiration for your further career. Having a network of friends all over the world will make you think outside the box and become truly international. 

Sandra Larson is a traveler and admirer of the planet earth. She has visited more than one hundred countries and encourages young people to do the same. She is convinced that traveling is the best way to educate yourself.