Teen Vaping: Is it that Harmful?


There has been a notable rise in the number of teens that have taken up vaping as a habit. In the Charlotte area, teens are getting lured toward vaping in large numbers.  This is an alarming situation since vaping involves nicotine; which is harmful to teens especially if they develop a habit. In case you are not aware of what vaping is, it is a small electric device that runs on batteries. It heats liquid into vapor form that can then be inhaled. The liquids, with names like ruthless e juice, used in vaping consist of nicotine or tobacco, different flavors, and chemicals all that are harmful to the health. In some cases, they are filled with marijuana and hash oil as well which are illegal drugs.


Why is Vaping Popular in Teens?

For increasing the popularity of vaping, there has been a lot of claims that vaping is a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes, which is why the youth is attracted towards vaping. But the fact is, that teens are hit with nicotine in vaping as hard as those in cigarettes, and since they are brainwashed about it being safe, they become addicted to it guilt-free without knowing about its dangers. You might want to know that just a single cartridge of the liquid used in vaping consists of the same amount of nicotine as in cigarettes. No difference is there.

Few studies also suggest that because e-cigarettes look like gadgets, youth associates the concept of coolness with it as well. Because of this advanced ‘gadget’ look, and the wide variety of flavors available, e-cigarette companies have come under a lot of fines and criticism to attract the younger lot towards them.


How does Vaping Affect the Body?

Vaping can lead to some serious health risks which can even lead to life-threatening situations. This is an alarming situation especially for the teens who are habitual to vaping. The vaping culture has caused a lot of our teens and youth to be influenced by psychologically and habitually such that the chemicals have become serious damage to their brain development. Following are some serious health risks vaping can create for teens.

  • The vapor consists of toxins and carcinogens that can even cause cancer besides damaging your lungs.
  • Excessive nicotine addiction
  • Hinders Lungs from detoxing; causing difficulty in breathing
  • Decreases strength of the immune system
  • Makes you more vulnerable to infections

Teens are more Vulnerable to Vaping

Most teens give in to vaping because of society, stress or peer pressure, this is something that the parents should look after at the best of their capacity. A few years back smoking was considered as one of the biggest addictions that could lure teens into harmful habits. Smoking is well understood to cause cancer, heart problems and other health issues, but Vaping is still a topic not many people are aware of. Vaping is equally dangerous and harmful to the body as well as to the brain and is causing a major population of teens around the world to become addicted to nicotine. This harmful effect of vaping on teen brains can cause underdevelopment in cognitive skills as well as the possibility of drug addiction.