Taking Your Kids Fishing In Charlotte


fishing-tournaments-around-charlotteIn an effort to spend time outdoors with their children, parents often go to extraordinary lengths (and great expense) to achieve relatively middling results.

Your daughter may enjoy rock climbing for an hour, but she’ll be primarily interacting with the instructor and focusing on the rock, rather than forming memories with you. Similarly, your son may enjoy going camping for a weekend, but this requires a significant investment of time and funding, as well as a great deal of preparation.

But fishing with your kids is an entirely different story, as it provides a much better return for your efforts. Not only do most kids love catching fish, but they’ll appreciate the one-on- one time they get with you as well. Going fishing for the afternoon requires only minimal preparation, and it won’t cost you much money either.

But I’m guessing that if you are still reading this, you have yet to teach your child to fish. Otherwise, you would already know how much fun you and your child have fishing, and you’d both be on the water right now. Charlotte provides one of the best places in the world to introduce your child to fishing, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

Ample Waters and Appropriate Quarry

A variety of waters are within an hour’s drive of the city. This includes both big waters, such as Lake Norman or the Catawba River, as well as a ton of small ponds and creeks, scattered throughout the metro area. These waters hold a diverse array of species, which makes it attractive for all anglers. This includes largemouth bass, trout and other species that draw the attention of experienced anglers, as well as bluegill, catfish and yellow perch, which make perfect targets for first-time fishers.

Follow the Laws of the Land (and the Water)

Always be sure to comply with the local fishing rules and regulations when fishing with your child. As long as your child is under 16 years of age, he or she will not require a license, but you will. Neglect to obtain a license, and your kid’s very first fishing trip may end with a wildlife law enforcement professional handing you a ticket. Besides, a portion of the money you spend on your license goes toward supporting healthy fish populations.

Keep It Simple

A lot of parents set themselves up for frustration and failure by overcomplicating their child’s introduction to fishing. Instead, keep things as simple as possible – the goal is to catch fish, not mess around with a bunch of unnecessary equipment. If your kids are very young, consider setting them up with a simple cane pole. Older kids can handle open- faced spinning reels, but they’d probably experience fewer problems by using a closed, spin-cast combo.

Success Is Crucial for Smiles

While you may simply enjoy spending time with your kid on the water, they will only have a great time if they actually catch fish. So, before you head over to the local pond, take a moment to plan out your fishing trip. This is especially important for your kid’s first angling adventure – an enjoyable trip will result in a ton of great memories, but a fish-less outing will just cause them to think fishing is boring.

Outdoor Empire’s comprehensive guide to taking kids on their first fishing trip is loaded with tips that will help you learn what to bring, where to go and how to best avoid some of the pitfalls that often occur during your kid’s first fishing trip.

Check it out here.