Super Bowl Profiles: Patrick Mahomes


Interested in Kansas City Chief Odds? This year, Patrick Mahomes has a real chance to do something that no other quarterback in NFL history has ever had the chance to accomplish. If the Chiefs just so happen to beat the Eagles in the LVII, Mahomes will end the 56 year quarterback curse that even took down Tom Brady.

Wondering what that curse is, exactly? It’s simple enough – at the time of writing this, no other quarterback has ever been able to lead the league in passing yards while also winning the Super Bowl in the same year. So, with all this pressure riding on Mahomes shoulders, can he take his team to victory in the  Super Bowl 57 and win NFL MVP?

This is where we come in. If you’re considering placing a bet in the Super Bowl LVII, it only makes sense that you should want to know about the way Mahomes has been playing this season. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at Mahomes statistics and more below. Just keep on scrolling!

Mahomes Lead the Chiefs to Victory in the AFC Championship Game

If you’re a fan of Mahomes (or just a big NFL fan in general) we’re sure that you’ll already be familiar with his show-stopping performance in the AFC Championship Game that very nearly saw the Kansas City Chiefs crash out to the Bengals. 

Luckily, Mahomes was able to power through with his untimely ankle injury to help lead the Chiefs to the finish line with a stunning win of 23-20 at the Arrowhead Stadium just recently. Sure, even though Mahomes started the game without a win in three meetings with Bengals Joe Burrow, this didn’t deter Mahomes. 

Just three seconds to the end of the game, Mahomes made sure that his team was going to take the win as he helped his teammate Harrison Butker get the final field goal to take the win and secure his team’s spot in the 2023 NFL Super Bowl! Pushing through his injury, Mahomes demonstrated incredible adversity to pain to ensure the win. 

In particular, during the very final few seconds of the tense game – Mahomes visibly became fired up and powered through with a speedy run in the closing moments to take a penalty from Joseph Ossai which then allowed Butker to fire down the field and take the lead in, quite literally, the last 3 seconds.

Thanks to this, it means that the Kansas City Chiefs have made the Super Bowl across three occasions in the past four years. As a side note, it’s worth noting that Mahomes has been a starter for the NFL for just five years (at the time of writing this) ever since 2018, which just so happens to be the year he took MVP.

Enjoying a Stellar Campaign in the Run-up to the NFL 2023 Super Bowl

Besides his thrilling performance at the AFC Championship Game, Mahomes has also enjoyed an incredible campaign in the run-up to the Super Bowl elsewhere, too. Consistent and on-form, Mahomes threw for just over 5,250 yards and achieved 41 touchdowns all while compiling a rating of an impressive 105.2 

Going back to that ankle injury he’s been working through this season, So much so, coach Andy Reid has even publicly offered praise due to his ability to overcome adversity and play through pain after he sustained the injury while playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.

Does Mahomes Have Potential to be Named MVP for the 2023 NFL Season?

Mahomes has done it before and he can certainly do it again. At least, that’s what his coach, Andy Reid, thinks. After Mahomes led his team to victory over the Bengal to secure the team’s fourth spot in the Super Bowl championship in his 5 year career with the Chief’s so far, Reid stated, “I’ll say it again, Mahomes Should be named MVP for the season”, before following up with “He proved it again on Sunday.”

In previous seasons, Mahomes and Reid have reached Super Bowl LIVE where they were unfortunately defeated by the San Francisco 49ers just 31-20, before the dynamic duo also saw disappointment just a year later to the Buccaneers, which also just so happened to be the year that Tom Brady took home his seventh ring. 

Hoping to change the tune this season, the Chiefs, Mahome and Reid are certainly looking to add another title to their belts when they play in the Super Bowl this coming week. Along with that, there’s also talks of Mahomes being in the running to take the title of MVP of the season, as we have already mentioned above.

 Final Thoughts

There we have it, you’ve made it to the end. Now that you’ve taken the time to read through this guide, we hope that you have a much better idea of how Mahomes is playing to ensure you’re able to make the most informed betting decision. Thank you for reading! We hope that you enjoy the Super Bowl. and as always, please remember to bet responsibly.