Super Bowl 2022: NFL Playoffs & Super Bowl LVI Outright Predictions & Tips


The sorting process is over – the real challengers have been identified. The NFL has never and would very likely never see another regular season this long. The result, a fascinating playoffs line-up, makes the lengthy period worth the wait for the fans.

The attention has now been shifted to the big one happening next month. Fans are guessing; bettors are staking – who would come out on top is the question.

As always, we’ve listed great tips to aid your predictions for the Super Bowl LVI Outright without the fear of risks.

Contenders for the Super Bowl LVI

As a fitting reward for finishing as the top seeds in their different conferences – the year’s Super Bowl favorites, Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers, secured a first-round bye and got to solely observe during the playoffs. Both teams would have ample time to rest, coming into the fold at the playoffs divisional round. Playing all their games on home soil also places them at an advantage.

Since 1990, out of the 62 teams, 32 seeded first and contested in the big game while an impressive 14 went further ahead to lift the trophy. This bit of history should have the Packers and Titans feeling hopeful.

The Packers would be extra motivated as they look to banish the demons of last year. Their defeat to eventual winners, Buccaneers, in the championship game, made them one of the 30 top-ranked teams to not make the Super Bowl. The top quarterback Aaron Rodgers, favorite to win a second straight MVP award – would be looking to take them all the way this time.

The Buccaneers, on the other hand, would be keen on proving that the last year’s win was no fluke. They would need the legendary quarterback – Tom Brady, to maintain his rich vein of form going into the business end of things to achieve this. Brady, having enjoyed immense success in his 22-year career, will be lining up for his 19th play-off. He must be fired up to add to his record of having the most passing yards in NFL history, amongst others.

Betting Tips

The quest to participate in the final game is not limited to the big boys alone, as a couple of smaller teams have their eyes tightly fixed. These teams also provide a good opportunity for bettors to win big. Some of them are the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, and LA Rams, to mention a few.

The favorites among these teams are the San Francisco 49ers. They clinched a wild card spot, having won seven of the nine previous games – defeating Dallas in a match that left fans at the edge of their seats.

Super Bowl Outright Analysis

Similar to the stock market, the Super Bowl odds experience the frequent rise and falls. This change in tides is often a direct result of each team’s performances on the field, and off-field activities, such as managerial decisions, changes in staff, and other external factors.

It’s important to stay ahead of the news as this would help you make better, more informed decisions when predicting.

Here are a few betting terms available on the upcoming Super Bowl:

Point Spreads: The point spread for the Super Bowl’s favorites is displayed as a whole number having a minus symbol next to it or a halved fraction, also with a minus symbol beside it.

For example, with figures (-5) or (-5.5), gamblers must hope that their favorite picks against the spread would win by more than 5 points. If it goes lower, the bet is lost.

On the other hand, an underdog has a point spread displayed as a whole number with a plus symbol beside it. It indicates the number of points the bookies have allocated to the team pro kickoff. Bettors would be hoping that their team wins or loses by an amount smaller than their allocated point spread.

If they win by a score equal to their point spread, the bet is declared null; and the money is returned to the bettor.

Moneyline Odds and How to Read them: In Moneyline odds, a punter gets a percentage payoff when their chosen team wins. The payoffs are calculated independently from other odds. Let’s assume that you stake $300 on a team with odds of (-300) you stand to gain $100 from the house.


Every tip listed above would position you for massive returns during the upcoming Super Bowl Playoffs. Register with a credible betting site and place your bets responsibly to position yourself for a betting windfall.