Studying and working at the same time: How to Combine


Top Secrets on How to Combine Studying and Working at the Same Time 

Education costs money, and high-quality education costs plenty of money. Those students who have decided to apply for college without savings have to combine learning and working. If you are the one who wishes to try studying and working at the same time, you need to know what difficulties you may come across and how to overcome them with ease. An uncontrollable working process without trying to balance your study and job may result in serious problems in the quality of life. Writing endless papers and projects can impose even more burden on your studies and work. Thus, sometimes working students may resort to a custom writing service, such as, to handle all the tasks appropriately and on time.

If you have taken the decision to combine study and job, you should develop a strategy of what you are planning do. There are many different ways of how people may do it. So, you should ensure that the way you choose perfectly fits your desires and style of life. 

While making a decision about work, you should evaluate your financial needs, as well as physical and emotional abilities. It is difficult to combine work and learning, and you have to be ready to face the difficulties. If you experience stress after each class and feel nervous about the deadlines, you should accept a part-time job. In this case, you will have extra hours for learning as a full-time job presupposes that you work regular hours and education takes only a small amount of time.

A full-time job is a suitable option for those who can learn fast, have good background knowledge, and can adapt to the fast-changing environment. Those who choose working and studying have to consider fast and perform their assignments in any condition. You need to take every chance for learning you have. You will not have adequate breaks; you will be busy with your education during this time if you desire to graduate successfully.

Essay writing is one of the most common assignments in colleges. If you have to write an essay, but you also have to work, you should balance your time and follow some simple rules. Check some secrets of how to work and study without losing points and getting a high salary. Do not miss your chance to earn more and have high grades.

First, focus on planning

Planning is an essential stage in any affair no matter what you have decided to do. Since you need to work and study, planning is your only way to do everything on time. Many college assignments have deadlines, and if you do not plan your work and study beforehand, you risk being late. Create a schedule of the major deadlines. Make sure that you can physically complete your tasks; do not plan to write three essays in one night. You can do it, but the quality of such papers can be significantly deteriorated. 

Take a couple of hours to plan your month or week and you understand how much time you could save. You will not remain under constant stress trying not to forget anything. You may edit your timetable every day or develop daily plans. Do not panic if you have failed to complete some work today. Just make sure that this is not urgent and leave several hours to do it tomorrow. Make your plan or timetable flexible prioritizing some urgent assignments. Still, do not ignore the tasks you have to do. Frequent delays may lead to plan ruining.  

Ensure that you leave some time for rest in your schedule. It is important to plan some rest for your emotional and physical health. If you do not have rest, you cannot work and study effectively. As a result, you may feel burnout that may lead to a depressive condition.

Planning essay writing, you need to leave time for research, writing, and editing. These are three essential stages you cannot omit. More detailed information will be provided in the sections given below. 

Second, research

Some students think that writing an essay is a one-stage process. Such a position is wrong. Research may take even more hours than writing, and this is ok. When you conduct research, you find and select the information you will use in your writing. Make notes while researching. Don’t forget to list sources and ideas you have found. It can help you while writing.

Structure and plan your research as well. Some students deepen into research trying to find more and more information. Still, this is not what you need. If you write a common college essay, you need to find some information related to your topic and just analyze whether this data can help you support your work. You cannot write a good paper without research as unsupported statements are weak. Thus, if you spend too much time on research and do not have time on writing, your research efforts will be spent in vain. So, you will fail to provide adequate support for your writing.

Third, be focused

Find time on writing. If you have gathered good material for writing, you still need several hours to arrange your thoughts into sentences and logical paragraphs. Lack of time on writing may lead to low grades even if the information you have cited is perfect.

When you compose an essay, you need a couple of hours spent in silence. Try to focus on the topic of your paper and spend this time without interruptions. Many students fail their assignments only because they write papers in rush. Don’t make such mistakes. A couple of hours a day may save you from failure and drop out. You need to take each assignment because this is your chance to show your professors your knowledge and skills in a particular discipline. 

When you work on an essay in an improper environment, you will be constantly distracted. As a result, you will have to spend more time working on your paper. No one wants to lose minutes on distractions.

Fourth, use your material

One common mistake many students make when they get down to writing an essay is failure to use the researched material. You take time to research the subject. You make notes and choose some sources to cite in your paper. Then, you just start composing and do not return to your notes thinking that you perfectly memorize what information you checked. This is not a good idea because in this case, all the facts you state in the work are your personal opinion. If you do not support the statements with credible sources, the information you use is just your considerations.

You have already spent much time on research. Just open your notes and use them. Nothing else is required. This simple strategy can help you support your ideas with reliable information and get higher grades. Don’t allow the desire to complete a paper faster to waste your hours on research.

Fifth, edit

One more secret of an ideal essay is editing. If you fail to edit your paper, you may lose points. Misprints and silly mistakes may spoil the overall impression of your essay. Some ideas may sound confusing after you read them. Never refuse editing. This is a chance for you to improve the essay you have composed.

These are the major secrets of how to complete a good essay when you have decided to choose studying and working at the same time. Use these recommendations in your daily life and you may see how your work-life balance improves.