Stuck in a Business Rut? Learn How to Shake Things Up


When partners in a relationship continually go to the same restaurants and weekend drives that they always do, things can become completely predictable and boring. 

The same can be said for a business that gets stuck in its ways and feels like it is sputtering forward on autopilot, with opportunities for innovation seemingly passing it by at the speed of light. 

The first step that may come to mind is to introduce a brand new product 

send a blast of creativity into your organization to get employees thinking outside of the box again, and introduce some refreshing advertising campaigns and sales opportunities. 

Maybe the entire look and feel of the company is sound asleep and needs a total rehaul. 

Is it time for rebranding in order to make the company relatable to younger consumers or to recapture the magic that pulled in your original day-one supporters? 

If there have been rumblings of negative feedback from employees that your brand is floating along, dead in the water, a strategic rebrand can put the staff back on board with a feeling of job security that the company is growing and has its pulse on the present tense and the future. 

But what about the less obvious ways in which you can shake things up at your company in a good way and get some creative stimulation brewing to move things ahead? 

Launch Customer Focus Groups 

Instead of simply relying on what has always worked, get some ideas from the outside and conduct a focus group with customers to get their feedback.

Formal focus groups can involve bringing a market research company on board to be in charge of the process, or you can run an informal focus group that can do something as simple as picking a customer’s brain the next time you run into them.

Renew Life at the Office  

Our thought processes have a lot to do with the environment that we spend the most time in.

Does the office at work feel like a high-anxiety dungeon and not an epicenter of innovative ideas?

It is quite possible that the time has come to redecorate the space with brighter colors and provide onsite areas for staff to unwind and brainstorm together.

Get any messy rooms reorganized and make work a place that people want to be in and not the location that they staff right out of at 5:01 on a Friday evening. 

Reportedly, two-thirds of managers claim that employees who work from home increase their productivity, and 86% of employees feel most productive when left to their own devices and free of distractions from office noise, internal gossip, and meetings that aren’t applicable to their responsibilities. 

Maybe you have employees that feel beaten down by their lengthy commute and could be just as effective working from home, if not more so. Give them the opportunity if possible. 

Update Your Technology 

When was the last time you did a technology overhaul and not only updated the computers that your staff is working off of but also looked into more economical software and online platform options that can streamline workflows?

Expand Your Network 

Maybe the way for your business to run away from a rut that it is stuck in is to widen your circle of business connections and meet up with someone new from a different field of business to trade notes.

Is it time to bring new partners or employees onboard or even create a new department or branch within the company?

Become part of a networking organization that holds meetings that you have never had the pleasure to attend before.

Kevin Miller, the award-winning Co-Founder and CEO of the ever-expanding digital marketing firm GR0 explained to how he has been able to manage his busy schedule and still keep energy surging through him to stretch the digital marketing horizons of content creation and GR0’s Performance PR services:

“I consistently dedicate time to going to the gym, working out outdoors, and bike riding. Getting your natural endorphins flowing does a world of good for minimizing stress and allows me to clear my mind and put my problems into perspective. Between putting out fires all day and managing a widespread team digitally, it’s easy to burn out and hold my stress in my body. All the build-up and the tension tends to hinder my focus and productivity so working out keeps my body healthy as well as my mind.”

Review Your Company’s Finances 

Finally, don’t become like numerous business owners who ignore the fluctuation of cash flow that can become the detriment of the business, whether that financial neglect forces the company to live check-to-check or have to suddenly close before it grows. 

Don’t stay stuck in a rut with a redundant response of, “Let’s just wait and see,” and become proactive with money management by reviewing the corporate cash flow no less than on a monthly basis. If you want to know more about starting a business, you can find relevant information at

Pay close attention to your sales and financial projections and make sure they’re on track, particularly if there are vendors that you may have to increase shipments from or upgrades that may need financing in the near future.