Starting Your Pellet Smoke Grill


Are you a BBQ lover? Are you planning to bake the best tender, soft meat, and peppers this weekend? Cooking turns festive when it comes to a barbecue. When it comes to grill items, you need to use the best grill machine as well, and the Pit Boss Pellet Grill is the masterpiece for your perfect steak. 

Why You Should Use a Pellet Smoke Grill

The pellet smoke grill is a safe and easy option for any grill items. You can set the right temperature and leave the food you want to grill inside of it. The machine also contains wood, so it can provide a smoky flavor to the grill. Other than that, you can also use the machine for searing, roasting, or baking. S

The best pellet grill machine also uses indirect heating mechanisms. That means it heats up the surrounding of your food to enhance its flavor and taste. This is all-important for big pieces of steaks. Indirect heat allows it to cook deeply, and the meat becomes more juicy in longer hours of heating.

Start Your Wood Pellet Grill 

Follow some simple steps to start the Pit Boss Pellet Grill. Follow the guide and have the most delicious foods from your smoky grill as a perfectionist.

  1. Fill Fuel in Hopper 

It is much like your vehicle. Add some fuel before you start a new journey. Instead of gas,  add wood pellets as fuel before you start cooking. You should use at least two pounds of the wood pellet for one hour of cooking. That is standard for slow cooking. In case you want to make your grill faster, put four pounds of wood pellets in the hopper.

  1. Set Grill to Smoke

Once the hopper is full of fuel, it’s time to set your grills to smoke. Grills generally consume pellets within 3 to 4 minutes and then stop. That opens an opportunity to light it before it takes some more fuel. 

In case you are setting high temperatures like 300 Fahrenheit or above, then it will continue feeding on pellets until it reaches that temperature. If fuels are not available, it would be difficult to light it up. So, there are chances that pellets can pile up in the pot. Make sure to clean it, or else it can spill everywhere.

  1. Prepare Your Food

It is better to prepare the grill items beforehand. To intensify the taste and flavor, marinate your meat a few hours earlier. The Pit Boss grill lights up in a quick time. It takes about three minutes for things to heat up. 

  1. Watch Out for Smoke

How do you know that your grill is on the right track? You will see some thick clouds of smoke. That is a clear indication that it caught fire and wood pellets are burning. This smoke may alarm your neighbors. To avoid the drama, inform them that it is only a grill.

  1. Crank It Up

After three to four minutes,  smoke will start to dissipate. Now, it’s time to start grilling. You will probably hear the roar of fire once it catches the pot. That happens because of the fan blowing inside the grill. No need to fear! Crank it up to the desired temperature and start your mission. It is expected to reach the tuned temperature within five to six minutes.

Choose the Meat 

Meat cuts have huge impacts on its taste and tenderness. Before you go for a steak, you must know different types of meat cuts. 

1.Rib-eye Steaks

This can be either boneless or with bone in it. This meat is from the prime rib section of the cow. It contains plenty of fats, though, and serves as individual steaks.

  1. Flank Steak

Flank steak or London broil is the meat below the loin and sirloin region of the cow. It is mostly fibrous along its length. Flank steak is also known as Bavette steak.

  1. Skirt Steak

Skirt steak comes from the diaphragm muscles of the cow. Its fiber runs across the width of the steak. This steak is beefier than flank.

  1. T-bone Steak 

This is the most popular type of all steak variants. It comes from the short loin or sirloin region of the cow. It includes the T-shaped lumbar vertebrae with muscle fibers.

  1. Tenderloin

Tenderloin, or filet mignon, is a boneless steak. It is also the most expensive of all the options. This comes from the short loin and sirloin region of the cow. You can also make the softest and juicy steak with tenderloin steaks. On a different note, it is also best to cook filet magnon in the oven.

Season the Steak

Proper seasoning is a must to get the best tasting steak. The question is: how long should I season before cooking? Experts say marinating for two hours per thickness of meat can intensify its taste.

Depending on the meat cuts and your recipe, you have to season the steak. You can marinate with different items to alter the flavor of your steak. A coat of honey and balsamic vinegar provides a classic taste of steak.

Other than that, you can try Asian flavors like miso marinade or teriyaki flavors. You can add BBQ sauce, pepper, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, basil leaf, mustard, and much more to try new flavors. You will find tons of recipes on the internet and in social media. 

Searing Steak

Searing and crosshatching are important to lock the moisture in your steak. Sear the meat for a couple of minutes with high temperatures until the brown crusts appear. Cross-hatching locks the moisture and makes steak juicier. It also adds flavor to the dish. 

Brush Oil on Steak

Brushing oil over your steak enhances its taste. Oils also prevent your steak from sticking to the surface, so there is less chance of burning. You can try butter, sunflower oil, or extra virgin olive oil for that purpose. To make it more tasty, you can also brush sugar syrup to caramelize the meat.

The Pellet Smoke Grill is the best grill machine to make a professional restaurant steak. You will feel like an expert only after a few uses. It is easy and bold. If you haven’t tried it yet, then give it a try. And if you’re still eyeing the market for grill options, this source can help you out as well. Surely, you won’t regret it.