Spotlight on Our Essential Creatine Range


There are several reasons why people have recently started to consider supplements in their diets. Two of the main reasons include the desire to increase nutrients and maintain or improve health. Meanwhile, others, especially athletes, take supplements to help their bodies perform at their best. 

What is Creatine?

Creatine is an effective health supplement that benefits many sports performers. Some of the top benefits of creatine include strength building, keeping muscles remain vitalised for longer, aiding in focus and boosting testosterone levels. For these reasons, anyone can benefit from using these incredible supplements. 

It has been found that creatine is a great option for long-and short-term muscle growth goals. At the same time, the elderly, athletes and sedentary individuals can benefit from the use of this supplement.

Various Choices of Creatine Products

We have a great variety of creatine supplements you can use. From the pure to combined forms, flavoured to unflavoured choices, pill to powder and so forth. Here is a list of our essential creatine assortment:

  • Cell Tech 6lb from Muscletech

 This supplement is among our favourites on the list because of its effectiveness. After a small survey carried out, it was revealed that its users notice a change of up to 3.4 pounds after just a week. This ability has earned it the name ‘Most Powerful Creatine’. Its composition consists of creatine monohydrate, creatine hydrogen chloride, split out amino acids and also carbs. The company has also ensured a flavour for everyone. Select from fruit punch, orange and grape flavours.

  • Creature Creatine Complex from Beast

 This is not one but five types of creatine combined to ensure that your muscles grow and perform. Due to its composition, this supplement is easily absorbed in the body, thus highly effective.

  • CN3 from Cellucor

 As the name suggests, CN3 is a combination of creatine and nitric acid. In most cases, it is taken pre-workout to experience its powerful effects during a workout. CN3 comes in the cherry limeade flavour, making it a tasty option for most.

  • Platinum 100% Creatine from Muscletech

This is a pure formula of creatine, yet again from Muscletech. It comes unflavoured, and it carries all the benefits of creatine. Each serving has 5 grams of creatine monohydrate. Its consumption yields quick results of lean muscles, excellent stability, and it helps in recovery. Muscletech is widely known as a best selling offering; thus, their products have great clout and recognition.

  • R1 Creatine from Rule 1

This is a creatine monohydrate formulated in powder form. R1 helps you quickly achieve enhanced performance in your exercises.

  • Creatine from BSN

This offering is also pure creatine from the BSN company that provides 5 grams of the monohydrate per serving. You can add it to your drink before an exercise.

  • Crea Burn from Maxine’s

Crea burn comes in the form of a matrix that has been carefully blended to serve its purpose of increasing power during workouts.

  • Creatine Micronized from Dymatize

The creatine supplement from Dymatize is micronised to help it mix with all kinds of beverages easily. This makes it easier to use, especially when you are on the go and still need your nutrient intake.

  • Creatine Powder from Optimum Nutrition 

This is a powder that helps you quickly increase your muscle sizes and their performance.

  • Essentials Creatine from Muscle Pharm

With every use of this effective supplement, you will deliver your best as an athlete. It will increase your muscular endurance and give you a burst of energy to keep going.

How Does Creatine Benefit You?

The general use of supplements and a good diet gives individuals the extra energy required. If you are an athlete, you will work out for more extended periods. Hence, the supplements improve your body’s tolerance levels. Creatine, in particular, is good during strenuous exercises or swift movements. The supplement itself can help build your muscles on its own. People who play sports like rugby, hockey, American football, swimming, sprints, soccer, tennis, or any strenuous activities will benefit from the supplement. 

Creatine supplements also aid the cognitive performance of many people. They are used in preventive health to lessen the probability of someone developing age-related muscle complications. This vital supplement is also used to treat certain muscular diseases and slows down the development of Parkinson’s disease. What an excellent addition to your diet this supplement is!

 Why Wait? Get yourself some supplements?

 It doesn’t make sense to continue to postpone reaching your full potential during exercises or workouts. Your body may achieve so much more if you decide to take these great supplements. In partnership with a healthy diet and workout regime, these creatine supplements will help you attain your fitness goals.