Spearfishing In North Carolina: 8 Tips To Get Started


Spearfishing is gaining ground as one of the most practiced water sports, with an increased number of entrants each year. With the inclusion of technology and more advanced tools, it’s become a thrill to spearfishing fans. Learning all its ins and outs before your first dive is best. Remember, sea waters are typically full of eerie creatures that can turn on you.  Thus, learning some tricks to stay safe while catching fish is essential. Below are eight tips to get started:

  1. Understand Your Weapon

In spearfishing, you can only be as good as your weapon. There are several types of weapons to use on your spearfishing quest. You’ll mostly need a spear gun and a sharp knife. In addition, you must have your speargun ready to make the kill. It must be well-loaded, and you must familiarize yourself with all the basics of loading and aiming your gun. You can find additional information and tips on preparing your weapon for a successful hunt.

2. Enroll In A Spearfishing Course

Diver pointing his speargun to the target fish under deep sea 3d rendering

Like scuba diving, you don’t simply wake up and start spearfishing. It helps to get professional training to master the associated dynamics. Lack of training may mean getting hurt if you don’t correctly handle your weapon. Thus, it’d be best to enroll in a spearfishing course to learn handling techniques and diving skills. You’ll learn some valuable insights that come in handy.  

3. Learn The Techniques 

Spearfishing isn’t an easy sport. To catch a fish, you ought to think like one. Learning the techniques puts you a step ahead.  Remember, you’re not the only one hunting the fish. There are other predators, such as sharks. The last thing you want is to spook your fish or wake the predators. If they’re swimming around, it’s more challenging to catch them. Therefore, you must use camouflaging techniques, such as wearing unnoticeable gear. Additionally, ensure you’re smooth and stealthy.

4. Get A Fishing License

You’ll get yourself in trouble if you go spearfishing without a license. You’ll pay hefty fines if the law enforcers catch up with you. Thus, before making your first dive, you need to determine the legal requirements in the location you plan to be fishing. Some states require you to fish in specific areas and be of age. On that note, find some of the best states for your adventure. Ensure you comply with such safety regulations to enjoy the sport. 

5. Train With A Mentor

After your class, it’s time to practice what you’ve learned. However, on your first attempt, don’t go alone. You can ask a qualified friend and an expert at the sport to accompany you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Accidents may happen. And if you don’t have anyone with you, you could drown and die. Being your first hunting trip, having someone guiding you builds your confidence. Again, you’d rather practice surface hunting on your early trials. Alternatively, you can join a spearfishing club and go with them. This way, someone will watch as you learn the ropes.

6. Study Your Prey

Before going to fish, you should know what kind of fish you’re hunting. Every fish has a different escape strategy; their water adaptations are different. Also, it helps you know how deep you should go to get your prey. You should find the right spot to hit your target. 

Without such information, you might hurt the fish or be on a wild goose chase. As such, it’s essential first to study the fish in your location. Remember, the faster you can reach your target, the better. That’s what makes your spearfishing experience a thrill. 

7. Learn To Hold Your Breath

Knowing how to hold your breath underwater is an excellent skill. As you start spearfishing, you should be able to meet the three-minute threshold. Once you master it, you become unstoppable. Within no time, you graduate to more time underwater. This means you can go deeper and successfully spear your fish. It guarantees you’ll not miss your target if you get closer to it. It’s essential to learn to hold your breath as it makes you an excellent spear. 

8. Know Safety Precautions

As is with every game, there are rules and regulations that you should follow. They form the basis of your safety as you practice. Here are some rules of thumb for spearfishing:

  • You should never point a loaded speargun at anyone
  • Don’t aim at your target against the motion and flow 
  • Have surface intervals 
  • Avoid playful sea lions 
  • Have enough weight in your belt. It allows you to overcome buoyancy underwater and dive deeper.

Such safety tips ensure you make the most of your spearfishing experience. The safety precautions also help avoid accidents or self-harm.


The excitement of spearfishing in North Carolina shouldn’t divert your attention from the real threat of diving without the right basics. As a beginner, you should adhere to safety precautions to avoid hurting yourself. You can enjoy the spearfishing experience if you do it right. Start by acquiring the right spearfishing gear and mastering the techniques. By and by, you’ll become a guru.