South Charlotte GTA-Style Car Chase Involved Multiple Stolen Vehicles and Crashes


What started as a residential break in call quickly escalated into a GTA-style police chase all over the streets of Charlotte for upwards of 2 hours, ending in a violent crash on East Blvd.

During the chase the assailant crashed multiple times and stole multiple vehicles along the way.

Soon after the chase began, WBTV began following the stolen vehicle in their helicopter, mostly through the streets of South Park, Myers Park, and Dilworth for over 1/2 hour.

You can watch the chase here:

CMPD held a press conference soon after the suspect was arrested, clarifying CMPD’s policy regarding police chases.

“I will say that our policy was followed precisely,” said Chief Jennings. “Our goal is that nobody dies and everybody gets to go home and nobody has serious injuries. That’s exactly what occurred today.”