South Carolina Woman Struck It Rich While Strolling Along Hunting Island Beach


A South Carolina native just struck it rich while taking a stroll down Hunting Island beach, just outside Beaufort.

This past week, Missy Tracewell posted a picture of her find on the Facebook group ‘Hunting Island State Park (SC), Beaufort & Camping (Memories)’, with the caption, “Biggest one yet…found this afternoon on Hunting Island”

Tracewell said she had found a handful of tiny shark teeth over the years, but nothing even remotely this big. When she noticed the mostly buried object glistening in a water-filled hole just several feet from the shoreline, she had a feeling of what it might be.

When she pulled it out of the sand and rinsed it off, she was sure – it was a prehistoric fossilized Megladon Tooth.

In the comments under her image, one person noted that an “Indian tribe of head hunters lived there on that island many many years ago. They were a feared and fierce tribe. Lol May have belonged to one of them.”

The State also recently reported that a 30-million-year-old mega shark nursery, littered with fossilized shark’s teeth, was by archeologists near what is now Summerville.

If Tracewell ever decides to sell her massive tooth, she could easily make over $1,000 on the find.