South Carolina Teacher Fired Over ‘Inexcusable’ Facebook Post


A South Carolina teacher has just been fired for posting an ‘inexcusable’ Facebook post.

According to Florence 1 school’s Superintendent Richard O’Malley, Mardrette Kemp is ‘no longer employed by the school district’.

“Upon learning about this post, administrators took immediate action,” O’Malley said in a statement. “I am disgusted and disappointed by the content of this post, especially one made by an educator.”

Mardrette Kemp’s post included her commenting, “Hahahahahahaha” over a photo of a vulgar sign read “f*** George Floyd and f**** Jacob Blake too! f**** Black Lives Matter!”

She also has a history of sharing controversial posts, including a meme that read, “Wonder if BLM is headed to Louisiana to help Blacks affected by Hurricane Laura?”

and a post about the Democrat’s president and vice president nominees: