South Carolina Just Introduced A New Bill That Mimics North Carolina’s HB2 ‘Bathroom Bill’


Nikki Haley SCSouth Carolina just introduced a bill this past week that bans people from using public bathrooms, showers or changing rooms that do not correspond to their physical sex. The new law does allow for transgender people who have transitioned to the opposite sex to freely use the bathroom of their new sex.

Sen. Lee Bright, who initially introduced the bill, said it mimics the North Carolina law passed last month.

“It’s a public-safety issue,” Bright said, stating the concerns of male predators entering women’s restrooms.

A man in Seattle recently undressed in a women’s locker room, citing Seattle’s new law that allowed men to use women’s facilities based on their current gender identity.

The Toronoto Sun also reported that a man claiming to be transgender was arrested for sexually assaulting women in two local women’s shower facilities.

Several states have passed similar laws in recent weeks. Mississippi’s governor Tuesday signed into law a bill that allows businesses to avoid creatively participating in services that violate their moral, ethical, or religious beliefs (any business can now deny creative services for gay marriages, Christian concerts, pro-gun rallies, etc.). Several sections of Texas also have similar laws to what was just passed in North Carolina.

What do you think of South Carolina’s new law?



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