Charlotte Council To Vote On Ordinance Allowing Men To Use Women’s Bathrooms and Locker Rooms


Last year, the Charlotte City Council voted down a controversial new ordinance that was referred to as the “Bathroom Bill”.

Supporters of the bill say that the new ordinance will protect the rights of trans-gendered people, allowing them to use any public restroom without the fear of being harassed. Those who oppose the bill say that it puts girls in danger by making it easier for sexual predators to attack their victims.

Chad Severance-Turner via LGBT Chamber
Chad Severance-Turner via LGBT Chamber
One of the biggest supporters and founders of the bill is Charlotte’s LGBT Chamber president Chad Severance-Turner, who is actually a registered sex offender himself – he was convicted and served jail time for sexually assaulting a 15 year-old.

Before taking office, Charlotte’s new mayor promised Chad that she would do whatever it took to get the bill passed.

To make good on her promise, our new mayor hired an acting crew to stage a mock public forum earlier this month, then pushed the bathroom bill through the city counsel for a re-vote on February 22nd (Monday night).

If passed, the new law would allow men to use women’s restrooms , locker rooms, and shower facility (and vice-versa), solely based on their current “gender identity”.

Similar bills have passed in Toronto and Seattle, and both cities have already begun to see negative consequences.

A man in Seattle recently undressed in a women’s locker room, citing Seattle’s new law that allowed men to use women’s facilities based on their current gender identity;

The Toronoto Sun also reported that a man claiming to be transgender was arrested for sexually assaulting women in two local women’s shower facilities.

Tonight the Council votes, and currently at least 8 of the 11 members support the ordinance, as does the new mayor. Apple apparently told Mayor Roberts that the company will only expand into cities that have an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance.

charlotte bathroom ordinanceNorth Carolina State Representative Dan Bishop has already contended that the Charlotte City Council does not have the authority to pass this ordinance. He has promised to take action in Raleigh if the bill passes on Monday night.

A group of concerned parents in Charlotte have also started a movement called “Don’t Do It Charlotte“.

The movement is urging citizens to inform themselves about the new ordinance, and to sign a petition if they disagree with it.

So far, their petition has received over 14,500 signatures against the ordinance.

Don’t Do It Charlotte will also be organizing a rally on Monday night before the City Counsel meets.

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