Charlotte Council Stages Secret “Forum” Without Public Comment

don't do it charlotte

After fringe groups like the Human Rights Campaign, EqualityNC, and Meck PAC invested large quantities of cash securing many seats on the Charlotte City Council, including the Mayor, they are making a second play at trying to secure Bathroom Bill legislation for the city of Charlotte. If passed, this would allow men to enter women’s bathrooms and locker rooms at any time, for any reason. The Charlotte City Council is hosting a “forum” tonight to present the various sides on the upcoming Bathroom Bill mandate. The #DontDoItCharlotte coalition has surpassed 2,000 signatures on their online petition at, urging the Charlotte City Council to vote down this measure for the second year in a row.

There are several problems with this attempted “forum.” For starters, the room hosting the event was selected due to extreme limits in size to prevent members of the public from being able to participate. Secondly, there will be no public debate. A hired and pre-prepped acting squad has been coached to act out the various “sides” of the Bathroom Bill. This yields the way for a skewed presentation of the facts, and takes the voice away from the people of Charlotte.

Who: Members of the #DontDoItCharlotte coalition will be outside the “forum” facilities prepared to take interviews and provide comments.

What: “Forum” on proposed Bathroom Bill legislation

When: Today, February 1, 2016 6:15PM

Where: The Palmer Building 2601 E 7th St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28204



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