South Carolina Baby’s Matching White Birthmark Is Going Viral

via daily mail

A South Carolina mother has just passed her extremely unique birthmark on to her daughter – this is now the fourth generation in her family to possess the white streaking trait.

According to Daily Mail, Brianna Worthy of Ridgeland, SC, and her new daughter MilliAnna, both have nearly identical white patch at the front of their hair.

The unique hair streaking is caused by a condition called poliosis, which permanently causes sections of hair and skin to lose all pigment.

via Daily Mail

Brianna told Daily Mail that her and her daughter are now stopped on the street on a regular basis by curious onlookers. She enjoys the attention occasionally, but said it can also become overwhelming.

She also mentioned that when she was growing up, she’d get picked on a lot for her white streak. Her peers called her several nicknames including ‘skunk’ and ‘patch’.

She’s now hoping that her daughter can grow up with the same confidence that she was able to develop because she was different.

‘I plan to raise my daughter knowing she is beautiful and special and to not listen to people mean comments at times.’ Brianna commented.