South Carolina Announces Sweeping Ban On All Tegu Lizards


South Carolina has passed a sweeping new measure which essentially banns the importation of all black and white tegu lizards into South Carolina.

According to a press release from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources:

“This regulation was created because South Carolina provides suitable habitat and climate for this species. Tegus compete, and in some cases outcompete, native species for resources. They have been documented to eat a variety of native species like quail, gopher tortoise, a South Carolina endangered species, insects, mammals, other reptiles, amphibians, birds and eggs of various birds and reptiles. Additionally, Tegus may harbor and spread nonindigenous parasites and/or pathogens to our native wildlife species.”

If you currently own one of the lizards, the state is now requiring you to;

The new regulation also requires that Black and White Tegus be kept indoors in escape proof enclosures or if kept outdoors to be in locked enclosures with primary and secondary containment barriers, each sufficient to prevent escape, and reviewed by SCDNR.

What do you think about the new law?