Solving Flat Feet Problems: General Tips


Flat feet is a type of disorder associated with tissues and bones and typical for many men and women. This condition is normal for babies as it takes time for tendons to form an arch. However, when we become older, the arch should appear. If it doesn’t, something is wrong, and you need to consult your healthcare provider.

How to solve flat feet problems for people in sports

There are various recommendations that you can follow to solve this problem, including special shoes and treatment. However, before we dive deeper into those recommendations, it is important to understand how the flat feet condition affects your sports activities. By the way, you can read about walking shoes for flat feet if you experience problems while walking.

If you have this type of condition, it does not necessarily mean you will experience pain or be affected in any other way. However, in some cases, those who do sports feel pain and discomfort during training or competitions. If you are in this second group, and the pain bothers you from time to time or frequently, you are to do something to minimize the negative consequences of this condition.

There are various ways to get a flat feet diagnosis. They include X-rays diagnosis, CT scan, Ultrasound, and even MRI. And if the condition is confirmed, it is time to find the solution.


One of the ways to minimize the negative impact of flat feet is to use special orthotic devices. Those types of arch support will have to relieve the pain caused by pes planus (another name for the flat feet). You can buy those devices on your own or consult your health provider.

Some special stretching exercises will help to stretch the tendon. Physical therapy may also be helpful, especially in some runners. A physical therapist will analyze the way you run to minimize risks from pes planus and to make your general form and running technique better.

There is another way to correct this condition, which is surgery. A specialist will place an implant into your foot to raise the arch. However, this type of operation is not recommended for children and adolescents. It is also to mention that surgery is not necessary if you have flat feet, but it doesn’t cause any troubles to you while doing sports or simply walking.

Modifications of the footwear

If you have a pes planus and feel pain during your physical exercises, another way to relieve it is to buy special footwear. Pes planus can be the reason for the inside of the show to break down. However, if you are dealing with special footwear, its support prevents this from happening.

There are also special insoles that will support your foot and create this arch to prevent the pain that may be caused by the flatfeet. You can find them in special stores or even buy them online.

Is that all?

Yes, a flat foot is not dangerous at all. Most people even don’t know that they have pes planus as they have no “symptoms” of this condition. However, if you feel pain in your legs after the exercises or walking, you can use those tips we gave in this article.