Smoking Costs the Average North Carolina Smoker $1,421,995 Over a Lifetime


With the economic and societal costs of smoking totaling more than $300 billion a year and rising, the personal-finance website WalletHub just released its report on The Real Cost of Smoking by State.

The new report calculates the potential monetary losses — including the lifetime and annual costs of a cigarette pack per day, health care expenditures, income losses and other costs — brought on by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

North Carolina was ranked as the 3rd most expensive state in America to be a smoker;

Source: WalletHub

The Financial Cost of Smoking in North Carolina (1=Lowest, 25=Avg.):

  • Out-of-Pocket Cost per Smoker – $88,235 (Rank: 3rd)
  • Financial-Opportunity Cost per Smoker – $971,032 (Rank: 3rd)
  • Health-Care Cost per Smoker – $145,527 (Rank: 14th)
  • Income Loss per Smoker – $205,306 (Rank: 11th)
  • Other Costs per Smoker – $11,895 (Rank: 25th)
  • Total Cost Over Lifetime per Smoker: $1,421,995
  • Total Cost per Year per Smoker: $27,882

For more info, you can read the full report here.