Six Ways US Online Casinos are Better than ‘Real’ Casinos


Glamorous hotel buildings, spacious gaming floors, endless carnivores, high-end poker tables: the best land-based casinos are breathtaking. They are designed to grab your attention at first-sight and motivate you to spend money endlessly.

So, why are online casinos performing better than Las Vegas casinos? According to financial experts, Internet-based betting websites are a hidden gem. They trump their brick and mortar counterparts in multiple ways. 

In fact, the only possible reason for choosing Las Vegas over the Internet is the social experience. And even then, gaming websites have a solution for social casino players. Discover the details below.

Easy Access

When you think about it, a trip to a land-based casino takes a lot of time, money and sacrifices. First, you need to find enough money to fuel your car or pay for an air ticket. Then you need to book a hotel room and carry enough betting money.

On the flip side, online casinos are usually a few minutes away from your access. All you need is your computer—or maybe not. With an iPhone or Android device, you can play hundreds or slots and table games conveniently. 

You could be at home relaxing on your sofa after a busy day at work. Or you could be on the subway, the bus or away on Holiday in the Bahamas. Regardless, you can play your favorite slots or play poker.

Bonuses and Loyalty Program

Unless you’re famous or rich, many land-based casinos don’t give you many freebies. You might get free drinks and free parking. But that’s it. If you want comps—bonuses to bet slots and card games for free—you must be a high roller.

In all fairness, Las Vegas casinos treat VIP customers like royalty. They get free air tickets and paid-for rides through limousines. Of course, they also get hotel accommodation, butler services and free chips.

But as mentioned, you only get 5-star treatment if you’re a VIP customer. On the Internet, you don’t need to be a higher roller to receive bonuses. In fact, sometimes you get freebies even before you place your first bet.

Named no deposit free spins, you receive these bonuses for creating a new account at some casinos. They come in small amounts, though: ten free spins or $20. According the best online casino USA guide,, the biggest bonuses come when you deposit money.

Some casinos give you 100% of your first deposit as a bonus. Others double, triple or quadruple the amount for a maximum of up to $10, 000. Still, to be clear, that’s the welcome bonus alone. At the best sites, you get rewards weekly or monthly.

No Crowds

If you have been to a busy land-based casino, you know how crowdy it can get. Sure, people visit the establishments for different reasons. Some people want to play slots. Others visit for social events.

Still, the many guests at brick and mortar casinos make these places pretty crowdy. Sometimes you have to queue to play your favorite slot. Or you have to deal with noisy players even when your table game requires concentration.

Fortunately, you never have to deal with crowds at online casinos. If you choose slots, it’s you versus the machine. Most RNG table games can also be played alone. But if you want to play with another person, you can always move to the live casino section.

Broader Game Variety

Although land-based aren’t created equal, many of them provide far fewer games than their online counterparts. Las Vegas casinos offer up to 3000 slots and card games, so they are well-loaded.

But out there, the average brick and mortar casino features a handful of table games and no more than 200 slots. Additionally, not every game works. And worse, the games are replaced constantly.

On the Internet, there are more games than you can play in a year. Picture this. The average software developer has 70 games. Some companies have 1000+ slots and card games. And there are over 100 companies that create online casino games.

In other words, you can play thousands of slots and card games from over 100 software providers. All you need is to find a casino that provides your favorite gaming positions: bingo, roulette, blackjack, slots, sports betting, baccarat or craps.

Safe and Secure

One of the reasons why online casinos are mushrooming in the US is that they’re safer than a decade ago. So, what changed? For starters, online gambling is legal in many states. And that makes it easier to find betting apps licensed and regulated locally.

On the flip side, the safety and security standards of online casinos have increased. Nearly every operator features a secured website. They work with renowned developers and payment companies.

 In other words, the room of getting scammed at today’s online casinos is slim. You could deposit $10 or $10,000 and you can be assured that your money is safe. When it comes to cash outs, the process is even safer than walking out with money from a brick and mortar establishment.

Truth be told, many land-based casinos are safe too. It’s hard to get robbed at an established casino in Las Vegas. And if you want, you don’t have to walk away with cash. You can provide your bank account and your money will be deposited. Still, to be clear, more and more people feel safe spending their money online.

Better Returns

Safety and security aside, another reason Americans are choosing online casinos is that they provide better value. For example, many online slots have a Return to Player (RTP) percentages of 90% to 99%. In contrast, the average land-based slot machine has an RTP of 88%. 

Table games, also payout at better rates. And that’s because they have a lower house edge than their land-based competitors. Additionally, they come in many varieties, which ensure you can choose the best-paying games.

Your Turn

Unless you want to attend a concert held at a land-based casino, playing slots and card games online makes more sense. You don’t need to leave your house or spend a lot of money. And you don’t need to be rich to get bonuses.