Should You Consider a Bulk CBD Oil Supplier?


At this stage, it seems as if the majority of people know what CBD oil is. They are aware that it comes from hemp or cannabis and is non-intoxicating. They have also heard that it has a myriad of potential benefits. These include helping improve the sleep cycle, alleviating anxiety, and providing relief from pain.

None of the above are clinically proven, yet the anecdotal evidence continues to mount. As a result, the CBD market has swollen and is now worth billions per annum. For many prospective users, however, the cost of cannabidiol is extortionate. It is potentially too costly for individuals in need of large amounts. A prime example is someone using CBD in the hope that it reduces epilepsy-related seizures.

Fortunately, a growing number of suppliers understand this issue and are now selling bulk CBD. While some companies require you to sign up as a wholesale purchaser, others, like Premium Jane, allow you to buy bulk CBD oil on their website. In this article, we outline the benefits of buying bulk CBD. But first, let’s quickly determine why CBD oil is so expensive.

CBD Oil – What Am I Paying for?

Depending on the brand, you will likely pay anywhere from $50 to $150 for 1000mg of CBD. If you want to use it as a ‘supplement,’ it is perhaps on the expensive side. For those who use it instead of opioids and other prescription drugs, however, it is probably relatively cheap. Individuals who use up to 100mg per day, on the other hand, know they have to pay thousands of dollars annually.

In the early years of the market, the demand for high-quality CBD greatly exceeded the supply. Bulk CBD oil was practically unheard of. The 2018 Farm Bill has changed everything in that regard. It didn’t make CBD legal, but it did remove hemp from the list of controlled substances. Now, farmers across the United States are cultivating it en-masse. The vast majority of them do so for the CBD market.

Therefore, the price of CBD oil is already falling. However, it remains higher than some customers would like. One reason is the cost of breeding CBD-rich cannabis strains, such as Charlotte’s Web. You’ll find that cannabidiol from marijuana tends to cost more than CBD derived from hemp. Also, CBD from marijuana is only legal in specific locations.

The manufacturing process is also an expensive one. Companies use sophisticated equipment to extract cannabinoids from plant material. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the gold standard in the industry. One of these machines can cost well over $100,000. Further purification in the form of winterization is also required.

Reputable brands do all of the above, and also pay for third-party lab reports. It is a great way for customers to know what is inside every bottle of CBD oil. You can take a chance on cheaper CBD, but if it doesn’t have third-party lab reports, you have no idea what is inside.

Here’s Why You Should Buy Bulk CBD Oil

It makes sense to purchase bulk CBD if you use at least 50mg of the cannabinoid a day. In a year, you will use around 18,250mg of CBD at the above consumption rate. As long as you store your CBD correctly, it should last for at least 12 months. You only need to go through the purchasing process every few months, depending on how much you buy.

The amount you save when buying bulk CBD oil depends on the seller. With Premium Jane, for example, you can expect to save $17.67 per 1,000mg of CBD. Its 1,000mg CBD oil range usually costs $124. However, a three-pack costs just $319. This works out at $106.33 per bottle.

The brand also sells CBD gummies. One container includes 30 x 25mg gummies for a total CBD content of 750mg. A single bottle costs $55. However, you can purchase a three-pack for $140, which works out at $46.66 per bottle. Premium Jane offers the following in bulk:

  • 300mg and 1000mg CBD tinctures.
  • 30 x 25mg and 30 x 40mg capsules.
  • 30 x 25mg gummies.
  • 750mg topical salve.

All of the above are available in a three-pack form.

Depending on the seller, you could benefit from wholesale prices. However, in this instance, companies often require you to purchase a minimum amount, usually in the four-figure range. As a result, you must commit at least $1,000. With brands like Premium Jane, you can dip your toe into bulk CBD waters with a relatively small purchase. Once you are satisfied that you need a large quantity, you can increase your order.

Please be wary of any bulk CBD oil seller offering ‘too good to be true’ prices. Such products are often low-grade and could damage your health.