Shocking Interaction Between Teen and CMPD Officer Is Now Getting National Attention


An incredibly powerful encounter between a teenager and a CMPD officer at a local Charlotte gas station is now getting national attention.

A couple weeks ago officer Brad Potter was monitoring traffic in his squad car when a local teenager walked up to his car. He assumed the teen would ask for directions (common for officers at gas stations), but what came out of his mouth stunned the officer.

“Can I pray for you?”

Officer Potter recounted that he was stunned, and after a few awkward moments he said, ‘of course,’ then he said, ‘How about we pray together?’

They held hands for a while and prayed for safety, for the safety of other officers, and for the safety of their community.

After the prayer, Officer Potter walked over to the teenager’s father and thanked him for raising such an incredible son.

The story was posted to ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page and has already been shared over 4,700 times:

Turner’s father is very proud and hopes his son will inspire others.

Caleb Turner remains humble, using the attention to encourage others.



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