Self-Start Website Ideas For 2022


So, you want to make some money. Perhaps you’re looking for a side hustle to build up some cash in the background while you continue to do your regular, paid day job. On the other hand, maybe you want to wave goodbye to working for other people and become your own boss. Either way, the power to do so is in your hands. This is the 2020s, and nobody has to work for anyone they don’t want to work for anymore so long as they’re able to put a little time and effort into learning new skills and then executing them. That’s because the internet is always open for business, and anybody can launch a business on the internet. All you need is an idea, a product, and a website good enough to handle your trade. 

If you want to do business in the 2020s, you need to do it online. Most successful companies have understood that for more than a decade, but the last few remaining holdouts finally got the message because of the events of 2020, which effectively forced them to move online whether they wanted to be there or not. The internet is definitely the right place to do business, but if you’re not sure what kind of business you want to start, we might have a few pointers for you below. 

Product Reviews

If you can review products, you can also sell products. That’s the basic truth of sales. In even better news, you don’t need to be a gifted salesperson to sell products. All you need is the ability to accurately describe what you’re reviewing, provide an insightful analysis of the pros and cons of the product, and then give it a fair score. You can do this through video content or through the written word – whichever you’re more comfortable and confident with. Drop an affiliate marketing link at the bottom of each review so your readers can go and buy the product if they wish, and you’ll make money on each click and sale. Once you’ve built up your readership, you’ll find that companies start falling over themselves to send you their products and ask you to review them. You don’t just make money – you also get free products!

Online Learning

Almost all of us are knowledgeable enough in a certain subject to teach our skills in that subject to somebody else. It could be something as simple as teaching somebody how to speak a language that you’re fluent in, or it could be as complicated as guiding someone through the process of acquiring a qualification that you already hold. So long as the skills are relevant, there will be somebody out there who wants to acquire them. That’s where you come in. There was a huge boom in online learning during 2020, and now that people have come around to the idea of doing their learning online, there’s no reason to go back. You might not ever have pictured yourself as a teacher, but if you have the right balance of personality and patience, you could be a natural. 


Have you ever been on holiday somewhere and found that things weren’t quite the way you expected them to be? Have you ever had an experience while on holiday that left you wishing that someone had warned you about what to expect before you set off? If so, you have pertinent travel advice that other people might want to hear. If you write that travel advice down on a website in a fun, easy-to-digest format, you’ll be able to find an audience for it. It doesn’t matter whether the location or locations you write about are thousands of miles away or just a few cities across from where you live now – no matter the location, people who want advice about visiting it will look for it on Google. If you’ve done a good enough job with SEO and content, they’ll find your site. As for how to make money out of an endeavour like this – your best options are banking display ad revenue through Google AdSense or direct partnerships with hotels or travel companies. Finish each article you write with a link to book a trip, and you should find that enough people bite to make it worth your time. 


We’re living through a golden age in the gambling industry. Sports betting has been on the rise in the United States of America ever since the US Supreme Court voted to legalise the pastime in 2018, but online slots websites were taking over Europe long before that. Online casinos have never been more popular in the United Kingdom, with new casinos springing up on what feels like a daily basis. Here’s what a lot of people don’t know about getting into the online casino business, though – you don’t need to know much about the industry. You don’t need to know what a casino sister site is. All you need to do is be able to funnel traffic to casino sister sites as a casino affiliate. Almost every major casino network company in the business offers an affiliate program for those who can refer traffic and customers to them, so if you have the web design knowledge to create a compelling sales funnel, you might win yourself a nice slice of the ever-expanding casino pie. 

Website Flipping

Why make websites when you could sell websites instead? That’s the very simple, very effective idea behind website flipping. Back in the day, this practice used to be known as “cybersquatting.” In a nutshell, website flipping involves buying a URL that might one day become popular at a low price and then selling it for a higher price when demand for the URL increases. Imagine, for example, how much money you could have made if you owned the URL before Elon Musk decided to enter the space race. Not every available URL out there is a banker, but if you can think of a web address that might one day become valuable and you’re prepared to spend a little money on getting hold of it and sitting on it for a while, you could make enormous returns when a large corporation comes looking for that URL and offers to pay you for it. You need a good mind for marketing if you’re going to succeed in the website flipping trade, but since you’re looking for career advice about potentially going solo, we suspect you know a thing or two about how to promote a product already.