Secret Tips to Save Money with Menards Weekly Ads


Are you a fan of Menard’s weekly ads? Do you like conserving your hard-earned cash? 

If that’s the case, keep reading! Menards is a home improvement shop in the Midwest with over 300 stores, comparable to Home Depot and Lowe’s. 

Find out how to save money at Menards Weekly ads with the help of this guide.

Price Adjustment

A Menards receipt is eligible for store credit if an item you bought at Menards® goes on sale within 14 days of when you purchased it. If the item you purchased is cheaper with a rebate, you may return it to the shop, get a refund, and then repurchase the item for less.


Consumers and retailers alike benefit significantly from rebates. If a customer has a Menards rebate check, they may purchase additional free-after-rebate products, maximizing their savings.

Price reduction of 11% Rebate

A price adjustment refund form is available at the Menards® counter for items bought during the last two weeks before the 11% off offer. 

To receive 11 percent back on typically priced goods, you’ll need to mail in your original receipts (don’t print them at the kiosks).

Menards Big Card® with 2% rebate

Using your Menards Big Card® to pay for all of your Menards purchases may earn you 2% back. Instead of the refund, you may choose a 6-month or 48-month finance term.

Clearance Items

  • Online Clearance: Check out the “Ray’s List” section of the Menards® website for products such as closeouts, limited deals, open boxes, and clearance. A search function allows you to look for bargains at a particular shop (s). Display models, unclaimed custom orders, and slightly damaged goods are all examples of things sold below retail value.
  • Clearance items in-store: There are sale areas throughout the shop at Menards®, so make sure you tour the whole store to avoid missing any great deals. When shopping at Menards, keep an eye out for tiny discount aisles at the front entrance and the store’s rear wall for cabinets and other large items.

What’s more?

Try this expert advice if you want to save the most money possible. If you get an 11% rebate, use it on something you’d typically buy anyhow during an 11% rebate sale. With Menards, you may receive 11% even if you paid for your purchase with a previous rebate.

  • Here’s an example of how stacking works: My husband was finishing up the basement when he took advantage of an 11 percent discount on building supplies. Upon receiving his rebate, the business issued him a $55 gift card to use as he pleased.
  • He used the $55.00 rebate to buy approximately $55.00 worth of merchandise. As a result, he received an additional $5.50 in rebates on top of the initial $55.00. That’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Before you visit any other section, visit the food section of the offline shop the next time you’re there. You may be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you save! Menards aisles are expected to generate sales that are on par with or better than supermarkets!