SC Man Cooks His Own Food At Waffle House After Finding Staff Asleep


A South Carolina Army Sergeant is now becoming an internet sensation after his hunger got the best of him this past week.

Early Thursday morning US Army Sergeant Alex Bowen couldn’t fall asleep and wanted some food, so he went over to his local Waffle House in West Columbia to grab a late night snack. When he walked in, he noticed the only employees working that night were passed out on the counter;

With no other alternatives other than going home hungry or rudely waking up the staffers, he decided that his best cource of action would be to walk behind the counter and start making his own food;

His amateur-cooked Waffle House meal consisted of fried bacon and steak with a side of pickles on bread;

His post from this past Thursday morning has now been shared over 2,700 times on Facebook alone;

When someone on Facebook asked him how drunk he was;

He said he was drunk enough to put on an apron and make it happen;

The Waffle House in West Columbia refused to comment on the incident.