SARMs Side Effects: How To Stay Safe


While SARMs were originally developed to replace Anabolic Steroids in the medical world due to the former having fewer side effects [1]. That said, they still do have side effects – hence why they have not been approved by the FDA yet. How do you go about staying safe while using SARMs? 

Step 1: Know Yourself

Before you even think about buying SARMs or even just getting under a squat bar you need to know yourself. By this, you should know about the essential health factors, what they mean, and what your readings are. Most of these sides from SARMs can be managed but you’d have to know the initial values first. Here are some of the factors you’d need to know [2]: 

  • Basic cardiovascular readings like Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, Complete blood count (CBC), etc 
  • Thyroid readings including T3, T4, reverse T3, TSH, etc  
  • Hormones like Testosterone, Estrogen, Prolactin, etc
  • Organ markers for your liver, heart, and most importantly, kidneys
  • Others like IGF-1, Human Growth Hormone, inflammation markers, etc 

The list is quite comprehensive, thus, it’ll be wise to do a full panel. You can do this at your local GP but there are companies that allow you to do it from the comfort of your home. 

Step 2: Know your Goals 

Now that you have the information about your own physical body you will need to understand where you want to go. SARMs can be used to do a lot of things but you can’t try and hit a target that doesn’t have a real position. With SARMs, there are mainly three goals people go after: 

  • Fat loss can be improved with the use of certain SARMs 
  • Muscle gain is the main reason why SARMs were invented and will be massively boosted
  • Strength, Performance, and Endurance can all be improved with SARMs but endurance is a bit trickier than the others due to the research not being even remotely conclusive

Once you have established your goals you can begin thinking about which SARMs would suit your training and diet program. You match the SARM to the training, not the other way around. 

Step 3: Know your SARMs 

This will be the most tedious step. You will have to do extensive research on which SARMs cause which biological changes in the human body, including benefits and side effects. Having in-depth knowledge of SARMs allows you to understand which ones will work for your goals. 

Also, knowing which ones have side effects that’ll be particularly bad for you based on your blood work will also be mighty beneficial. For instance, if there is a history of cancer in your family you might want to stay away from MK 677 which boosts IGF-1 levels and can lead to more cancer development. 

Taking YK11 when you are already prone to hair loss is also a recipe for a hairless disaster. Overall, you need to make smart choices that reflect your current situation and where you want to be in 6 – 8 weeks. 

We will discuss more of the “How to Plan your Cycle” in Step 5. 

Step 4: Know your Escape Route 

You will experience (some) side effects. There is no way around it. It might be extremely small or ‘light’ but it will still be there. This is why you need to plan your cycle carefully but also the methods of remedying these sides [1, 2]: 

  • Managing blood pressure is easily done with more hydration, more cardio, and trying to drop some water weight 
  • Managing cholesterol is a bit trickier, but can be done with more cardio, a healthy diet, more fiber, and perhaps certain supplements like Citrus Bergamot
  • Acne is a bugger but more showers, changing your sheets often, and avoiding unhealthy foods could help 
  • Hair loss won’t happen with all the SARMs but with the ones that do a DHT blocker would help 
  • High estrogen levels can be managed with a SERM or (if you must) an AI, but the latter does have some side effects you will need to research carefully 
  • Erectile dysfunction can happen and you will need to do blood work in order to find out what is happening before you can resolve it

Lastly, you might need a PCT (Post-Cycle treatment). These are used after your cycle is completed to boost testosterone function as well as dropping high estrogen levels. Typical products to use in this time are a SERM and perhaps HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin). 

Step 5: Know how to Build your Cycle

The final part of the article is simply planning your cycle! This involves four main things: 

  • Draw up a plan 

Grab a table and draw up a plan of which products you’ll want to use and tick off similar side effects and the sides you want to avoid. If something seems too dangerous, chuck it. Keep the ones that work but the others simply are not worth it  

  • Purchase the right products 

Choosing a company is quite tricky because there are a few scammers out there and companies that don’t test, luckily, there are plenty of reviews of which ones work and which ones don’t 

  • Tell someone 

This is a tip that you won’t likely find anywhere else. Tell a friend or roommate about what you are taking and the dosage, and show them where you store it. In the unlikely case that you need to head to the ER the doctors will then have all the information they could possibly need to diagnose and help you 

  • Train your butt off 

Sure, this article is about safety, but unless you train hard nothing will happen. Then, you might feel inclined to use even more (btw, stick to normal doses!). So, do the work necessary for you to actually make progress. If you fail to do this you’ll simply be throwing your money down the drain 


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