Rumors Circulating About The Panthers Cutting Cam Newton


Rumors are now circulating about Cam Newton being cut from the Panthers after the organization gave themselves an easy-out of his contract and signed 3rd round pick Will Grier.

Even though Newton still has $44.3 million left on his contract, the Panthers would now only be out a total of $2 million if they decided his shoulder problems become too much of an issue.

Attitude Sports has even started an online poll asking their readers if Cam should be cut.

In spite of the increased rumors, the star quarterback doesn’t seem phased. In an interview last week, Cam told reporters, “I reached out to Will. I actually saw Will play in high school with him being in Charlotte, and I’m just excited. Like I said, for him to come on a team that I know he possesses a rare talent, and I’m excited. It’s my job to put myself and my team in the best situation and to get everybody ready. I want to make sure that I’m my best teammate and my best self for everyone.”

What do you think about the Panthers signing Will and Cam’s future with the franchise?