Rowen Seibel’s Entrepreneurial Success Story


Rowen Seibel learned what it meant to create a successful brand at a very young age. From baseball cards, to candy, all the way to an extremely successful party and event planning business at 17, Seibel was destined for success as an entrepreneur. 

He then expanded his business experience into his professional career as an adult. His first public deal was done on behalf of Rodale Press. He even introduced CBRE and their brokerage team to the Rodale team. He worked with them from the very start, securing a space and having the building named after Rodale, where they remain to this day. This experience is where Seibel’s interest in real estate blossomed. For his first project, this deal was incredibly successful, it was even named the most indigenous of the year (2004) by REBNY. 

Another one of his impressive accomplishments was his work in developing the retail portion of the famous Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rowen channeled his creativity and put together ideas for the layout, development, restaurant selection and brand choices. His goal was to make decisions based on what would attract visitors and lead them past the ground floor. 

By 2005, Rowen’s work had paid off and he acquired the rights to Serendipity Restaurants worldwide. His success has now led to licensing in major locations such as Florida, Las Vegas, Washington DC and even globally in Dubai and Tokyo. 

One of his most exciting projects was partnering with Caesar’s Palace in the development of Old Homestead Las Vegas Steakhouse. Seibel had proved himself in the restaurant business which is what has allowed him to take on such important projects in the industry. Seibel worked with Caesar’s Palace to re-engineer the menu for NY and Atlantic City without losing the mystique of New York’s famous meatpacking location. Rowen also collaborated with Caesar’s Entertainment to finance and develop multiple brands for prestigious chef, Gordon Ramsey. His list of celebrity clients doesn’t end there! Rowen also worked with master chef Masaharu Morimoto and brought him to MGM Corporation. He was in charge of important details like financing, planning and strategizing for this deal. 

Once his Caesars and MGM projects were completed, he was ready to continue his success in the restaurant industry. His next large project involved developing the Rise and Shine breakfast brand. This project included choosing the real estate, financing the development and assisting in the brand’s expansion. 

Beyond the restaurant industry, Seibel has bought and sold millions of dollars in real estate. This includes his projects and financing within hospitality developments and private equity investments. Rowen seeks projects that allow him to make a market impact and gain a profit for himself and those involved. His passion for building and developing brands has allowed him to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

In his personal life, Rowen enjoys traveling the world with his wife Bryn. Beyond his interest in the restaurant and real estate industry, he enjoys diversifying his business background and has even produced movies. There is nothing he can’t do!

Rowen Seibel doesn’t take his success for granted and uses his resources and time to give back to the community. Some of the philanthropies he is involved in include, lung and brain cancer research, St Jude’s, NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center, Ramaz School Hatzalah, Keep Memory Alive, Hour Children etc. Seibel even made an impact after 9/11 by developing an event at Cipriani 42nd St. to contribute to various charities supporting those who were affected by this tragedy.

Rowen Seibel has really made a name for himself globally and continues to do so with his successful business ventures. We can’t wait to see what’s next for him and the brands he develops! Visit Rowen Seibel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInPinterest