Rover Releases Most Popular Charlotte Pet Names and Trends of 2019

As folks begin to reflect on 2019,, the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, has just released its 7th annual report of the year’s most popular dog and cat names.
The data shows that regardless of species or breed, pet names are a true reflection of what we care about most, from the food we eat to the celebrities we love.  Names inspired by star-studded musicians, like newcomer Lizzo (up 100%) and beloved Beyoncé (up 78%) made huge gains, and Taylor Swift’s reputation is on track with a 400% increase.  Binge-worthy TV shows were also one of the top sources of inspiration for pet parents. The name Maisel, of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, rose 1000% and Westeros-savior Arya Stark increased by 150%.
The humanization of pets was another trend for 2019. The majority of pet parents (55%) said their pet either has a human name or they would consider giving their pet a human name. Pet parents (25%) also would consider giving their pet a name they had considered for their child. Trending baby names that inspired pet names included Dorothy, Elaine, and Dennis.
Here are some Charlotte-specific highlights:
  • Top 5 Male Dog Names in Charlotte

    • Max

    • Charlie

    • Cooper

    • Tucker

    • Buddy

  • Top 5 Female Dog Names

    • Bella

    • Luna

    • Lucy

    • Daisy

    • Sadie

  • Kaylee is the #1 Trending Dog Name in Charlotte, NC

  • Top 5 Cat Names Male

    • Oliver

    • Jack

    • Simba

    • Charlie

    • Leo

  • Top 5 Dog Names Female

    • Luna

    • Bella

    • Lucy

    • Sophie

    • Kitty

  • Simba is the #1 Trending Cat Name in Charlotte, NC