Roof Damage: Types and Signs You Should Be Aware of


It is very common to encounter several roofing problems for most homeowners. Your roof can get plenty of common damage issues that require immediate attention, from tiny leaks to major cracks. 

As roofs help to hold the structural integrity of your home, it is immensely important to react instantly; even if you spot a single sign of roof damage. According to Forbes, a roof with very little damages can last more than 30 years. However, failing to be quite attentive to the roof damages can cost you more than you think. 

This article will eventually help you learn about the different types of roof damages, alarming signs, and their solutions. Let’s check them all and ensure to strengthen the structural integrity of your home!

Damaged Roof Flashing

Damaged roof flashing is one of the most common problems one can come across for sure. Roof flashing is thin metal sheets that are usually placed beneath the shingles. This is an integral part of a roof that helps to protect the top from the damages caused by water. 

Usually, the metal sheets get damaged in the joint portions where the two different roof joints meet each other. The most common areas are near the chimney, around gutters, close to vents, etc. However, getting your roof flashing damaged won’t resist your roof from the water to let in. Taking it less seriously for a longer duration can surely cause severe damage to your roof. 

So, it would be best to connect with Benchmark Roofing and Restoration to overcome the issues like damaged roof flashing.

The Alarming Signs

Well, if your roof flashing becomes damaged or weak in any manner, you may encounter the below alarming signs. 

  • Mild to heavy water leaks from the roof
  • Roof flashing gets rusty
  • Many parts of the ceiling become flabby

Fungus Damage

If your home is located in a humid weather condition, your rooftop can be affected by fungus for sure. Especially if your rooftop consists of some shady areas, the risk is even higher. The humid weather and dampness help the fungus, like moss to grow fast on the rooftop. If left unchecked for a longer period, moss can hold unnecessary and excessive moisture and harm your roof. Additionally, excessive moss can block the gutters and interrupt the roof’s drainage system.

So, to eliminate the risks, you need to be a little attentive to inspecting your rooftop periodically. Subsequently, take action once the alarming signs are triggered. 

The Alarming Signs

  • Getting soft, green-colored, and carpet-like texture on the rooftop.

Roof Ageing

Well, roof aging is another problem that comes over time. You don’t have the ability to stop aging. However, checking your roof periodically and taking utmost care can help the structure last longer. 

So, if you ensure proper maintenance and repair minor damages to your roof, you can slow down the aging process for sure. 

The Alarming Signs

The alarming signs below can help you cope with roof aging problems. The signs are;

  • Several cracks in the surface
  • Black and green moss in several places
  • Plenty of damp areas on the roof


Well, repairing a roof isn’t a simple task to perform with ease. So, if you notice any damages to the roof, it would be best to contact a reputed roof repairing service for the same. Assigning all the repairing tasks to the professionals will eventually help your home to achieve durability for sure!