Rock Hill Robbery Thwarted After Witness Hurls Her Car Keys At Knifed Assailant


danny brown rock hill knife roberyA woman was just saved by some car keys while she was being held at knife point on Main Street in Rock Hill.

58 year old Danny Brown was attempting to rob her, when another women heard her scream and approached the pair to ask questions.

“She (the witness) asked the woman if she was OK, and the woman said ‘No,’ and the man said, ‘Yes, she’s OK,’” commented local business owner Richard McCluskey, who was also in the area when the altercation took place.

Rock Hill Police noted that once the woman realized something was wrong, she threw her car keys at Danny, allowing the victim to get free.

The women who witnessed the altercation, and who threw the keys then immediately called 911.

Police arrived on the scene within minutes and the witness described the attacker. Officers quickly realized that it was the same man they saw running toward City Hall (a block from the police department). Officers then chased Danny into City Hall, then arrested him.

Danny Brown was immediately brought into court, where he told the judge that he was homeless, has no bank account, car or income, other than a monthly disability check.

Brown is now being held without bond, waiting for his upcoming criminal trial.



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