This York County Restaurant Will Serve Free Food And Love On Christmas Day


1914010_10153389697152794_8780614987408802454_nOn Christmas Day, when most other restaurants will be closed, the Patti-O Grill in York County will not only be open, they’ll be giving away free food, presents, and a lot of love.

They’ve been giving out meals to the community on Christmas for the past 10 years, and they are now expecting this year to be their biggest one yet. Organizers are expecting to give out at least 200 meals this year.

The owner of Patti-O Grill, Patti Imler has been asking for help with donations and volunteers via Facebook for the Christmas day festivities;

The restaurant will provide free meals and love to anyone who might be alone on Christmas.

“If someone has lost a spouse, and the holiday is a lonesome lonely time, we want that person to come here and share in the joy that is Christmas,” Imler commented. “There are people in our community who are in need. They might be in need of a hot meal, or presents for kids, or even just company and love. We give them all of it.”

Patti-O Grill’s doors will open around noon on Christmas day and will remain open until the evening after everyone’s been served a warm plate and a lot of love.