Road Rage Escalates To A Shoot-Out On I-77


One of the most extreme cases of road rage just unfolded on I-77 when a driver pulled out his gun and fired at another driver twice near the Carrowinds Blvd. exit in York County.

One bullet hit the victims car, and other hit his tire as he tried to get away from the angry driver. WCNC interviewed the victim, Larry Faile, who said the cause of the road rage was an honest mistake.

“I went to switch into the right lane, and I guess I cut this guy off, so he laid on the horn and was yelling, and I swerved back into the left lane,” Faile commented.

When he tried to exit the highway, things got even worse. “He pulled up beside me, I rolled my window down and said ‘hey, man, my bad; I didn’t see you there.’ And he just starts going off. ‘F you, white boy. You need to open your eyes,'” Faile noted.

According to police, the two shots were fired when the drivers the stop light off the I-77 exit near Carowinds Boulevard.

“I started hearing gun shots and I could see muzzle flash in my rearview mirror,” Faile said.

Seconds after the shooting– a few blocks away– Faile drove to the QuikTrip and says both men drove around in circles a couple of times before the suspect finally drove off.

York County police are still searching for the suspect, if you have any information about this case, please call the York County Sheriff’s Department at (803) 222-8981