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If you’re a fan of no-nonsense punk rock music, you are going to be very excited when Rise Against hits a venue near you with their stellar performance. Deriving influence from other popular bands like Bad Religion, the Ramones, and Nirvana, this Chicago punk rock band brings more than just a show when they go on tour. So don’t forget to book Rise Against tickets and witness these legends in action. Prepare for an entertaining rock night as these rock icons thrill you with some of their best hits. Find the best tickets and get a chance to revel in the exciting Rise Against tour

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Founded as Transistor Revolt in 1999, Rise Against has risen to become one of the most influential and iconic American punk rock bands in the history of music. With their dynamic music, revolutionary lyrics, and unrivaled stage performance, it’s not surprising why Rise Against tickets never go out of demand. This Chicago band is highly popular for its fast-paced, aggressive, and melodic hardcore music that covers a broad range of topics. If you are looking for a getaway from your daily routine, attending a Rise Against concert will definitely spark some life and energy into you. Find great tickets for concerts near you and marvel at the raw talent of this reputed band. You can also find Rise Against tickets Canada, which is a great option for those living in Canada. Purchase the exciting tickets today and spend a memorable evening as these legends hit you with their best shots.

Rise Against has been rocking the world with their exhilarating music for more than two decades now, and they have amassed quite a following within this period. The band has released eight studio albums, nine EPs, two compilation albums, 22 music videos, two documentaries, three promotional singles, and 19 singles. The first studio album, The Unraveling, was released in 2001 under Fat Wreck Chords label. Under the same label, the band released the following album, Revolutions per Minute, in 2003. However, the first two albums didn’t receive much success and recognition. After signing to Dreamworks, the band released their breakthrough album Siren Song of the Counter Culture in 2004. The album became a success with two hit singles, “Swing Life Away” and “Give It All.” You can find great Rise Against presale tickets for low fees and have the satisfaction of watching your favorite band rocking the stage. 

In 2006, Rise Against released a critically acclaimed album, The Sufferer & the Witness, which went on to become the band’s first album to reach the US Billboard 200 at number ten. Following this success, the punk rock band released yet another popular album in 2008 titled Appeal to Reason. It spawned the hit single “Savior,” the record holder for a single with the most consecutive weeks on both the Alternative Songs and Hot Rock Songs chart. Endgame, which was released in 2011, is another successful album that charted the Billboard 200 at the top two. Rise Against surprised the world with more chart-topping albums, The Black Market in 2014 and the most recent album Wolves in 2017. Both were commercially successful and reached the Billboard 200 top ten. The band will release its latest album Nowhere Generation in June 2021. You can expect more successful hits with the release of this album. So stay tuned and keep your eyes locked on Rage Against tickets and get a kick out of a dynamic rock show.

When it comes to entertaining their fans while on tour, the band is no stranger. Rise Against has embarked on several tours over the years. And every time they hit a venue, they give it their all to entertain their fans. The band has headlined tours such as The Sufferer & the Witness Tour in 2006 and Appeal to Reason Tour in 2008 to support the respective albums. Rage Against also embarked on the Endgame Tour in 2011 that included 184 shows. They also served as the co-headliner for the Taste of Chaos 2007 International Edition Tour in Europe, Japan, and Australia. It is typical to find them performing in various rock festivals. The band had performed at Riot Fest multiple times. They have also rocked the stage at Rock the Park Festival in Ontario, Holiday Havoc in Nevada, and the RBC Blues Fest in Ontario. Check out the upcoming concert schedule and see if the band is scheduled to perform in a venue near you. Catch the band on their Rise Against tour and let the sound of rock music energize your soul. 

With the upcoming Nowhere Generation Tour, many fans are excited. These anxious fans will greedily grab the tickets to be part of one of the greatest punk rock shows. Revel in the latest hits as Rage Against music transports you to a whole new world of rock and roll. The celebrated band has sold more than four million albums around the world. They also have about 86 million views on Youtube. With Rise Against meet and greet tickets, you can access ultimate VIP seats and amenities to enhance your overall concert experience. Make sure you don’t let this opportunity pass by without grabbing it. If you purchase Rise Against VIP tickets, you are buying access to exclusive VIP perks and amenities. Watch the rock concert in luxury by getting Rise Against luxury suite tickets. With VIP tickets, you can also access Rise Against VIP box seats to deliver the ultimate experience.

Attending a Rise Against concert will give you no time or effort to sit still. The band’s frontman, Tim McIlrath, is a dynamic figure with a fiery stage presence that lits up the whole crowd. Expect him to rock some of their best hits like “Prayer of the Refugee” and “Savior,” among others. The beauty of Rage Against concerts is that you get to savor hits that delve into all kinds of profound topics from politics to animal rights and the environment. Headbang along with these legends as the powerful melodic distortion fills the arena. Don’t be surprised at the excellent response from the crowd when you go to one of their concerts. That’s the way it is. That is the impact the band can have on their fans. Headbanging, sing-alongs, and mosh pits are all part of a Rage Against concert. Cheap Rise Against tickets are available on various ticket platforms. You just have to find the perfect site to get the perfect Rise Against tickets. Grab the hot tickets today and get a chance to witness this legendary band in person. Enjoy latest hits like “The Numbers,” “Nowhere Generation,” and “Broken Dreams, Inc.”

Rise Against Ticket Prices & Tour Information

How Much Are Rise Against Tickets? 

Rise Against tickets may differ because of various factors, such as location, day, and others. Currently, the price of the tickets starts from $32 and goes up as high as $203. Make sure you find the best tickets by going through the upcoming tour dates and attend the highly thrilling rock concert. 

How to Buy Cheap Rise Against Tickets?

Find the best Rise Against tickets at affordable pricing and grab the opportunity to witness the stellar live performance of this Chicago punk rock band. You will find various pricing for tickets depending on day and location. Treat yourself to a night filled with melodic rock tunes and profound lyrics. 

Will Rise Against Tour? 

Yes, Rise Against will tour in 2021. They will be bringing new hits and materials for fans all around the world to enjoy. Don’t miss them when they come to perform in your city. Stay tuned for the upcoming concert schedules and find suitable tickets to Rise Against concerts happening near you. 

Where can I see Rise Against in concert?

Rise Against will be touring across various cities in the US. The punk rock band is scheduled to perform in cities like New Orleans, Baltimore, and New York, among others. You can also see them performing at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. You only have to book the tickets today to enjoy an outstanding performance.

When do Rise Against Tickets Go on Sale?

The highly awaited Rise Against tickets are hot on sale now, and everyone is rushing for the tickets. The legends are bringing yet another exciting show to a venue near you. Don’t let them pass by without witnessing their thrilling concerts. Browse through the exciting tour schedule and find the perfect tickets today.

Who Is the Opening Act for Rise Against? 

Rise Against are highly entertaining when they hit the stage, so purchase your tickets today. For years, they are also known to pick some of the best artists to open for them. You will have a good time watching the performances of artists like AFI and ANTI-FLAG who are opening for the band. 

How Long Is a Rise Against Concert?

When you attend a Rise Against concert, you can expect the concert to last for 2-3 hours. The length of the concert will depend on other factors like opening acts and encores. Be sure to prepare yourself for a wild night of rock and roll. Find available Rise Against tickets today and have a memorable experience.

Is Rise Against Touring?

Catch Rise Against in action as they hit the road with another tour. Dive into a euphoric night with your favorite punk rock band by getting Rise Against tickets today. Don’t take your time getting those tickets. The world out there is anxiously waiting to get their hands on the tickets. Get yours at the earliest.