Residents in Matthews Are Petitioning To Stop The New John Street ‘Super Road’


matthews-john-street-wideningOver a thousand local residents have now signed an online petition to ask the Mayor of Matthews to stop the new John Street expansion, a project many are calling the ‘Super Road’.

According to the NCDOT’s project page for the John Street widening, “proposed work would improve traffic flow, reduce travel delays and allow for more vehicles to travel in the area. Bicyclists and pedestrians would also have accommodations along the project corridor.”

Opponents to the new widening project say that there are other roads that would better alleviate congestion, without harming the neighborhood feel of Matthews.

Their online petition notes that, “John Street in Matthews, NC certainly has a traffic problem. Before relying on an experimental, unproven super street design to solve this issue, we encourage town officials and the NCDOT to finish other street projects that will alleviate traffic Matthews traffic.”

What are your thoughts about Matthew’s new ‘Super Road’?