Republican Senator From NC Creates Bill To Block President Trump From Firing FBI Special Counsel


In a surprising display of pushback against President Trump, North Carolina Republican Senator Tom Tillis has just created a bill that would limit our President’s ability to fire anyone from the special counsel.

The bipartisan bill was drafted with Democratic Senator Chris Coons from Delaware and now has strong support from both parties in Congress. It’s now being called the ‘Special Counsel Integrity Act’, essentially allowing Mueller or any other special counsel member to challenge their hypothetical firing in court, including an automatic review by a three-judge panel.

Tillis made it clear the new measure goes beyond Trump and Mueller.

“This is about the Department of Justice,” the first-term senator said. “This is about my confidence in the attorney general and my confidence in a Department of Justice to move forward in an appropriate manor. … We don’t want to restrict the administration’s authority or the Department of Justice from removing a counsel. We just want to make sure to the American people they can be convinced it was done for the right reasons.”

Watch the full interview with US Senator Tom Tillis here:

What do you think about the new bill?

Do you think President Trump should have the ability to fire Robert Mueller?