‘Reopen NC’ Group Starts New Viral Social Media Challenge – “Burn Your Mask Challenge”


A massive group of self proclaimed “North Carolina Patriots” have just issued a new social media challenge to all residents our state asking people to burn their masks and using the hashtag #burnyourmaskchallenge.

This past Monday, NC Governor Roy Cooper announced that he is considering making masks mandatory across the state, telling reporters, “we want people voluntarily to do this, but we are looking at, potentially, rules to make these mandatory.”

In response, leaders of the group “Reopen NC” (which has 79,000 members of their Facebook group and 6,900 likes on their Facebook page) started a “Burn Your Mask Challenge”, that’s now begun to catch fire.

While the challenge has been adopted by some members of the group, the vast majority of North Carolinians have strongly condemned the challenge.

What do you think about the new challenge?