Red Ventures Announces Plans To Close Charlotte Facility and Move 260 Full-Time Jobs


Marketing conglomerate Red Ventures, one of the largest employers in the Charlotte region, has just announced plans to shut down their North Charlotte call center and move all 260 employees to South Carolina.

According to the company, the employees will have the option to move across the border to the main campus or leave the company.

In a press release, the company said their digital sales are currently outpacing their telephone sales and that moving the call center to their South Carolina campus would help to further consolidate the brand.

“Our decision to consolidate teams is a reflection of the rapidly evolving needs of our consumers and partners,” said Ric Elias, Red Ventures CEO. “While we realign our sales efforts in South Charlottewe’ll continue to aggressively grow our digital and tech teams in offices across the globe. We’re still committed to finding the right opportunity within Charlotte city limits, one that better aligns with the type of job growth we see in our future.”

The Charlotte call center is now slated to close on August 15th