Psychic Insights That Can Help You to Avoid Dating a Narcissist


It is quite difficult to realize that you are dating a narcissist until it is too late. They are skilled at getting people to like them, and it can take a long time to see through their charming facade. Dating them can feel alluring and exciting, which makes it easy for them to win your heart. It is in their nature to be well-groomed, physically active, and display a charismatic appeal.

Psychic experts say that dating is often a game for them. Very few narcissists look for long term relationships. Even though they do not have an empathetic nature, they are emotionally intelligent that helps them understand and respond to your emotions. According to psychics, narcissists use their emotional intelligence to manipulate people. They may appear sincere to you, but they remain emotionally unavailable and will dodge every move you make to get close to them.

Psychics tell us that people often fall for narcissists because they idealize them. Narcissists often target people who are lonely or depressed because such people would not be able to see the red flags that could stop them from falling for such a person. Psychics say that such people feel wonderful being near narcissists because they are fed their emotional nutrients with attention and charm.

Psychics say that it is easy to fall for a narcissistic person because of your inadequacies and emotional problems. So it is necessary to deal with your symptoms of codependency first if you want to avoid falling in their trap. A psychic reading can help you overcome low self-esteem or childhood traumas that might make you vulnerable to narcissists. It can also show you ways to understand the importance of your needs and feelings, which will lessen your innate desire to please others. There are several reputed relationship psychics available online who can offer you a free consultation for the first time. Kasamba is one of the most trusted. Read a detailed Kasamba psychic review before making a decision. They can give you insights into your life that you might be ignorant about.

So what are the red flags you should be on the lookout for? According to psychics, if you see these signs, it is best for you that you end things and move on.

They Like Being in Control

Psychics say that Narcissists like to live on their terms, and they would often develop the relationship similarly. While they would always try to please you, they would also expect you to compromise all the time. If you question them, they would get offended or try to act hurt. Psychics say that most Narcissists do it so skillfully that you won’t even notice it. When you start to see it, you may not question it for the sake of being with the person.

They Have Outbursts of Anger

Narcissists often have outbursts of anger, especially when you disagree with them. Psychics say that it is a habit for Narcissists to take small arguments and blow them up to large proportions. They will never take responsibility for anything and assume that everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault. If you start accepting their bad behavior, it will become a pattern.

They Always Feel Superior

According to psychics, narcissists always believe that they are superior to others. Be it any field, they tend to assume that they know more about the subject than anyone else around them. Psychics say that they often show their superiority by denigrating other people. They are inconsiderate about other people’s feelings and end up saying inhumane things. Most narcissists love to talk about themselves, and they would often steer a discussion towards their qualities or achievements. You should take notice if you feel disengaged or patronized by their conversations.

They Will Try to Control You

We mentioned before that narcissists always have a controlling nature. Psychics tell us that after a few dates, they will try to control your actions as well. You may notice that they will try to find faults in what you do or how you do things. Narcissists would even try to control every little detail of your life, such as the way you eat, how you dress, so on and so forth. Psychics say that gradually their controlling behavior takes an extreme form, such as control over who you are friends with, how long you stay away from home, and many other aspects of your life.

They Are Materialistic

According to psychics, narcissistic behavior is often accompanied by materialism. They love materialistic things the most other than themselves. These items need not be expensive. Sometimes they are also happy with small things of their interest. You will notice that whenever they feel angry or sad, buying them something will always cheer them up.